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What Is The Difference Between An Upper And Lower Receiver On Firearms?

Knowing everything about a gun is very important.

If you’re a firearm owner, you must know your piece inside and out.

Otherwise, you might be caught off guard if someone asks you something about your piece at a gun convention.

There are many parts of a gun, such as a barrel, trigger, receiver, mag, etc.

Many of these parts are detachable, and the gun can easily be taken apart.

What Is The Difference Between An Upper And Lower Receiver On Firearms?

In the military, soldiers are taught how to assemble and disassemble a gun quickly.

Importance of Knowing Your Firearms’s Parts

During transportation, the guns are disassembled to prevent damage and save space.

Moreover, most guns are cleaned once they are disassembled.

So, you must be aware of how a particular piece is disassembled and what all parts it contains.

Another reason why knowing about separate parts is important is that you can assess the damage to individual parts and replace them.

For instance, if you lose your lower receiver or damage it, you can order your AR-15 lower receiver today at TARFU Tactical.

What is a Receiver?

In legal terms, the receiver of a gun is the part where the serial number is located. It can be divided into two parts – lower and upper receiver.

Or, it can be a unitary receiver that cannot be divided into two parts.

Some guns have upper and lower receivers that are completely separate.

You’ll see this in the AR Carbine. On the other hand, some guns have upper and lower receivers that can be differentiated from each other but cannot be separated.

One good example of such an arrangement is the FAL.

Where Does The Receiver Fit In?

All the major parts of a gun, such as a trigger group, barrel, and stock, attach to the receiver.

Thus, that makes the receiver a significant part of a gun.

Modern militaries all over the world have switched to advanced gas-powered guns that have big and more complex receivers—these receivers house even more parts.

Various parts of a gun can be attached to either the upper or lower receiver. For instance, in a Scar, the stock, barrel, and bolt group are attached to the upper receiver.

Its trigger group is attached to the lower receiver. The arrangements can be multiple, and each gun has a different setup.

What Is The Difference Between An Upper And Lower Receiver On Firearms?

Upper Receiver 

In very simple terms, the upper part of a split receiver is called the upper half. Various parts of a gun can be attached to this, It might not be completely separate from the lower half, or it may be.

It all depends upon the model of that particular gun. Some experts might also claim that there is no such thing as an “upper” or “lower” receiver.

However, for ease of understanding, these parts are referred to as such.

Normally, the upper receiver in a split receiver system is the part to which the barrel attaches. It is also the part through which the bolt group moves. ‘

Two pins hold together the split receiver system. If you want to clean your gun, you can remove these two pins to disassemble it.

You might want to check out some online tutorials before you start disassembling the gun.

This is important because you won’t want to end up damaging any part in any way. 

Lower Receiver

The lower receiver is the lower part of the receiver in a split receiver arrangement.

More often than not, it is here that you’ll find the serial number.

Usually, only the trigger group and the magazine are attached to this part of the gun.

You can order your receivers online separately, and that’s where knowing about these parts become important. If you have ample knowledge about these parts, you can order the right parts of decent quality.


It’s not a guarantee that every gun will have a receiver.

What Is The Difference Between An Upper And Lower Receiver On Firearms?

Most pistols that belong to the modern era are only composed of a frame and a slide. However, some people end up calling the frame of a pistol the receiver.

But that’s incorrect terminology. Thus, you should know that most pistols or revolvers do not have receivers.

Moreover, older firearms did not have receivers at all. They only had the lock, stock, and barrel. 

To make sure that you understand every part of your gun, you should jump on the internet for a quick research session.

Being an informed gun owner is extremely important in today’s climate. It will benefit you in social settings, and it will help you maintain your piece better.

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