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What Does Addiction Feel Like? Understanding Life As An Addict

Are you asking “What does addiction feel like?” Read this article to get a better understanding about what life as an addict is like.

What Does Addiction Feel Like? Understanding Life As An Addict

Did you know that nearly 20 million Americans reported that they struggled with substance addiction in 2017? Sadly only 10% will go on to seek treatment. Moreover, almost one in 9 US citizens battled both alcohol and drug use addiction at the same time. Being addicted to a dangerous substance such as alcohol, cocaine, or heroin can be a serious problem that can lead to life-threatening consequences.

But have you ever wondered what does addiction feel like? How is it to live your life as an addict? This is a fascinating question and the answer might help certain people find out if they’re really addicted to drugs. Keep reading to find out more.

It’s More Than a Simple Craving

It’s normal for humans to have cravings, whether’ it’s about a glass of wine with friends, a chocolate bar or something similar. However, addicts experience something much deeper than cravings. They simply yearn for their preferred drug and have difficulty functioning normally without it.

Those who have become addicted to drugs also feel their intense cravings much more often than regular people and this is when things can get dangerous. Check the following article on Drug Addiction to learn more about the life of an addict.

Having Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms usually develop when an addict stops taking his/her preferred drug. They consist of temporary high blood pressure, diarrhea, vomiting, trembling, inability to focus, etc. such withdrawal symptoms occur because the body of an addict became used to strong doses of drugs. When these drugs are not administered anymore, the body creates these symptoms to make the addict take the drug again.

Doing Almost Anything to Get That Drug

People who are not addicted to drugs don’t mind if they cannot have a drink with their friends Friday evening. Non-addicts casually enjoy some drugs if available to them and usually, this happens in social circumstances.

However, an addict would do anything to get his/her preferred drug. Addicts would borrow money to buy another drug dose or even steal.

If their preferred drug is not available in a certain place, they would go from store to store to find it, regardless of weather conditions or distance. This is a surefire sign of drug dependency and it can lead to serious health complications later on in life.

Staying Sober Is Difficult

Drug addicts also have a big problem with sobriety or drug abstinence. They simply cannot go for a few days or weeks without taking their preferred drugs, whether it’s alcohol, cocaine, Oxycontin, and so on.

If you want to test if you have a drug addiction, refrain from it for a month. If this is easy for you, you’re not an addict. If you experience difficulties with your abstinence and you relapse in a few days, chances are that you might have a drug addiction.

Now You Know What Does Addiction Feel Like

This article offered you plenty of answers to your original question – what does addiction feel like? Whether it’s about alcoholic drinks, prescription drugs or more dangerous substances such as heroin or cocaine, drug addictions can ruin lives. It’s important to act early if you see signs of addiction in you or someone you love. Successfully treating alcohol or drug use disorder is best with professional, medically managed supervision. Custom In-home drug and alcohol detox from Elite Home Detox ensures you get the individualized attention and care you need without disruptions to your schedule or a long stay at an inpatient facility.

For more useful articles on how to combat addictions, prevent relapse, and stay on the path of recovery, make sure that you check out the other articles on our website! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.