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What Are The Consequences Of Driving While Intoxicated?

When you choose to drink before you get behind the wheel, you put yourself in a position to potentially ruin your life and the lives of countless others who are on the road as well.

Alcohol – even the smallest amount – can impair both your judgement in detrimental ways.

This means that the more you drink, the more likely it is that you will go against your better judgement and possibly grab your keys, even when a sober version of yourself would never imagine doing so!

Intoxication also causes your response time and ability to operate your vehicle to decrease dramatically in quick fashion.

As the alcohol content in your blood rises, it slows down your mind’s ability to concentrate, as well as your body’s coordination.

Drinking and driving can lead to an accident and endanger others on the road.

If you become injured in a drinking and driving accident then you will have to hire a car accident lawyer, which can become expensive. 

What Are The Consequences Of Driving While Intoxicated?

Similar to that, if you were at fault you can also face criminal charges depending on the severity of the injuries sustained and prior history of drinking and driving, making this incident your second DUI conviction.

When behind the wheel – especially when driving in difficult conditions such as bad weather or at night – intoxication can cause you to respond less quickly and potentially injure yourself or others.

However, even if you avoid being involved in a wreck due to intoxication, those who drink and drive may find themselves on the wrong side of the law. 

Across the country, police officers are increasingly trained to watch for the signs of intoxicated driving. 

When there is probable cause to believe that a driver is impaired, they will not hesitate to get them off the road, and into an expensive pair of handcuffs. 

Driving after drinking can lead to fines, arrest, and the loss of your license.

The Dangers Of Teen Drinking & Driving

For teen drivers, the risks of drinking and driving can be even higher

Not only do teens face dangers when consuming alcohol, but the added effects of peer pressure on their lives can increase the likelihood that they will give in to negative encouragement of their peers to engage in reckless behavior.

Without the years of experience necessary to make proper driving decisions, teens who engage in drinking and driving have an exponentially higher risk of getting involved in an accident that can lead to property damage, injury, and, tragically, death.

The Long-Term Impact Of Drinking & Driving

Not only can drinking and driving have tragic impacts on your life and the lives of those around you, but there are long-term effects that can haunt you for years.

What Are The Consequences Of Driving While Intoxicated?

If you find yourself facing legal action due to drinking and driving, you may face repercussions that can impact your ability to maintain a license. 

Receive enough DUI charges, and you will likely find yourself paying massive fines or facing jail time – both of which can leave permanent stains on your record.

It doesn’t get any better if you run into DUI second offense penalties either.

In the most tragic instances, those who drink and drive may find themselves involved in accidents that can drastically impact their lives and the lives of others involved. 

Accidents that are caused by impaired driving can leave you with lifelong chronic injuries, as well as financial ruin as you pay the price for the injuries of those involved in the accident you caused. 

If your negligent behavior causes disability or death, you will likely face jail time – which will not only ruin your life, but can cause you years of heartache and pain.

The best way to avoid the above nightmare scenarios is to simply choose not to drink if you know that you will be required to drive a vehicle to get home.

If you do choose to drink, decide ahead of time to have a sober friend give you a ride, or take advantage of ridesharing programs.

The minor inconveniences in the moment can save you – and countless others – from a lifetime of hardship and regret.

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