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Ways to Serve Others This Christmas Season

Photo by Filip Mroz from Unsplash

Christmas season is a time for service and love. It’s a beautiful time when people work together to serve others and be selfless. Here are several ways for you to be selfless and serve others this Christmas season.

  • Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen – Many people go hungry every day, and while soup kitchens try to help feed the hungry, they need volunteers to help serve the food. Volunteer to serve a few meals this holiday season and offer a friendly smile to those you help feed.
  • Adopt a Family – Not every family can afford the Christmas they deserve. Many families with children struggle to provide the necessities for the children, let alone fun Christmas gifts. Adopt a local family in need and help pay for or buy Christmas presents for both the parents and children. Although it may be tempting to just focus on buying fun toys for the kids, remember that the parents work hard and should also enjoy some fun this Christmas.
  • Sing Carols – There are many people who would love to feel the Christmas spirit by listening to Christmas carols. You could go around and sing to neighbors, visit a nursing home, or even go to the hospital. The elderly can feel lonely during the holiday season, especially those who don’t have a family to come and visit them, so singing to them could help make their holiday season feel more jolly. No one wants to spend their Christmas season in a hospital, but some people have to. They may be recovering from an operation performed by orthopedic surgeons or having chemotherapy treatments. Ask the hospital’s front desk what rooms you can visit and sing to. Be sure to sing and talk with the patients because they will love to have some extra company.
  • Bake Treats – Everyone loves holiday treats. Bake a family favorite and pass the treats out to neighbors, friends, and family. You could even consider passing out recipe cards along with the treat so if your friends really enjoy your treat, they can make themselves some more. Some of my favorite holiday treats are chocolate fudge, chocolate-covered peanuts, and snowball cookies.
  • Tip your Waiters – Waitressing is a harder job than it seems. Waiters and waitresses work hard and are sometimes treated poorly. You can help brighten their day by leaving them a generous tip.
  • Pay for Someone Else’s Meal – A fun way to spread the holiday spirit while at a restaurant is by anonymously paying for someone else’s meal. It is fun to watch their cheerful reaction as they find out their bill has already been paid. You can take it as an opportunity to teach your kids how service makes both the receiver and giver feel good.
  • Babysit for Free – Volunteer to watch your neighbor’s kids for free so they have time to buy Christmas presents or wrap their kids’ presents without worrying about being caught. It’s a simple service you can offer to a busy mom that will make her life that much easier.
  • Shovel Snow – If you live in a snowy area, shoveling neighbor’s sidewalks and driveways is a great way to serve others. This is a service the elderly would be extra grateful for. After you finish shoveling your own sidewalks look around the neighborhood and see who could use some extra help shoveling their own.

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