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Warm Winter Accessories to Keep the Wind at Bay

Winters in Northeastern Pennsylvania can be brutal. We don’t always get a ton of snow, but sub zero temps and winds will chill you to the bone. That’s why these warm winter accessories to keep the wind at bay are so vital.

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Warm Winter Accessories to Keep the Wind at Bay

If you live somewhere where the wind hurts your face you should move! I kid, but seriously, don’t let the wind bite your skin. Cover it up! Breeze Wind is here to help. Protect your face and neck with ONE article. No need for so many separate pieces to keep you warm.

Keeps you toasty, not bulky

One issue I have with my son is he loathes bulky winter clothing. I’m that mom you see in public and think, “Why is her kid wearing such a thin coat? Where is his scarf and mittens.” It’s okay, I would think the same thing, but until you have a child with sensory issues, you’ll never truly understand. So this is where Breeze Wind comes in. This handy dandy winter article will keep your face and neck warm, without being so bulky that it’s uncomfortable. My son even agreed that it’s comfy, so that’s huge.

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So many ways to wear it

One of the things that makes Breeze Wind so wonderful is that there are many ways to wear it. Depending on what you want to keep from the blowing winter winds, you can change your Breeze Wind. It’s a ONE piece garment that can be changed up six different ways. Talk about functional! Converting it easy too. Just take a look at this video. In just a few minutes, she transforms her Breeze wind in six ways.

winter 2

Unisex and perfect for the family

Women will love Breeze Wind because it will keep them toasty without affecting their hair. But it’s also Unisex, so it’s perfect for every member of your family. It comes in four colors that will match any winter garments. They have black, grey, brown and blue. We all have our own Breeze Wind and love them. They’ll make the perfect holiday gift!


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