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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Ladies

Okay guys, I have some great stocking stuffer ideas for the ladies. So check it out and stock up now. Surprise her by having your shopping done BEFORE Christmas Eve.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Ladies

These ideas are awesome, and I think all women would love to find them in their stockings. They're items that are useful as well as functional and neat. Keep reading, and make sure to click the links and get ordering!

ideas 1


This thing is nifty! isABelt is a belt, but it's not bulky, and it's not uncomfortable. If you wear more fitted tops, but still have a need to keep your pants up, this belt is for you. Traditional belts look ridiculous with fitted tops. isABelt looks great! I don't wear many fitted tops, but I still love my isABelt. I love it because it's comfortable, and it's small. I don't have to fight to get it through my belt loops either. It comes in clear, black, navy and white. There's even a Breast Cancer Awareness one. Oh, and I love that the buckle is magnetic! They even have bling to attach to the front buckle so you can dress up your isABelt. To see more and purchase yours, click here.

ideas 2


This thing is a awesome! isAWallet turns any phone into a sleek wallet. It attaches to ANY phone so there's no worry of having to know someone's type of phone. They can put cards, money, ID and more in their isAWallet. I love this idea. When I was old enough to start going out with my friends, I used to tuck my money and driver's license into the back of my cigarettes. (Ew, so glad I gave up that nasty habit!) I did this because I didn't want to have to lug a purse. However, upon THREE occasions, when the pack was empty, I tossed it. So three times I threw my license away! Thankfully twice it was recovered so I only had to pay for a new one once. Fast forward MANY years later. None of us leave home without out phones, which is what makes isAWallet so perfect and universal. Trust me, she needs one, and while you're at, grab one for yourself too. (It's Unisex, and you know you want one!) Grab them here.

ideas 4


Trust me guys, these things are a godsend! If you're lady complains of her bra straps slipping down off her shoulders, or that they show in her racer back shirts, then she NEEDS Strapsecure. They do just what they say, and that is secure her bra straps. Grab her some here.

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