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Understanding Someone With Depression – Five Things You Can Do

Several things can cause depression. The world today offers several reasons to become depressed.

We are talking price inflations, increasing unemployment rates, high death rates, and more.

There is always something to cause sadness.

Depression is a mood disorder but, some people do not seem to agree. However, anything outside the usual operation of the mind is a disorder – hence, depression is a disorder.

Knowing that it is a disorder is the first step towards understanding someone with depression and providing the necessary help they need.

Understanding Someone With Depression – Five Things You Can Do

In doing this, there are several steps you can take. We will discuss five steps to help someone with depression in this article.

Five Steps to Help Somebody with Depression

Find Out What They Are Passing Through

You cannot solve a problem that you do not understand. More so, if you do not know what depression is or feel like you might not be able to help. 

The first thing you can do is learn about depression or anxiety. Ask the person about the situation they are facing.

Several times, just giving the victim attention can help resolve the problem. 

However, how can you know when someone is suffering from depression? Identifying a depressed person can be tricky.

It is difficult to understand when someone is going through a bad situation or a mood concern like anxiety.

People face anxiety in different ways and show various signs. There are general signs you can examine when identifying a depression victim. Some of these signs include:

  • Irregular eating habits
  • Deliberately missing out on regular activities like work or school
  • Talking more about feeling worthless, empty, or tired
  • Taking drugs or drinking alcohol more than the regular
  • Sleep disorders – too much or less sleep
  • Avoiding hangouts with friends 

These signs might not necessarily mean that the person is depressed.

However, you can try to get closer and understand the situation when you notice such behaviors.

You can click on to read more about the signs of depression.

Be Open-Minded and Listen Attentively

Talking to an anxious or depressed friend might not be easy.

However, the easier option is listening. Ensure that you let them do more talking while you listen to them. 

You can make honest inquiries like, “How do you feel about yourself?” It will make the victim feel supported, safe, and comforted.

Ensure you keep the questions brief but allow them to talk extensively. One of the causes of depression is not having someone to talk to about things.

Location can influence the situation.

So, ensure that you choose a place outside of the usual environment. Choose one that has some privacy and comfort.

While they speak, allow them to speak freely without interruptions. Do not try to prove to them that you understand all they are passing through – because you do not. Let them know that they can come out of the situation by letting it all out.

They might not respond well initially.

However, consistently check-up and remind your friends that they mean a lot. Regular check-up calls will help too.

Do Not Make Them Feel Worse

If a friend is facing depression, they might not cheer up easily. Therefore, you should exercise patience while dealing with them.

Try to acknowledge that they must be going through difficulties.

Endeavor not to cause them to feel strange because it might worsen the situation.

You can visit them with gifts like flowers and lovely cards. It will show them that they are valuable. You can also choose to go out on a day without much talk, just fun.

Understanding Someone With Depression – Five Things You Can Do

Help Them Find Professional Help

Depression victims might want help but do not know how to contact one. After discussions and efforts to support your friend, you should get a professional to help. 

Several health professionals around you are ready to support you. You can ask them if they like to book an appointment with a psychologist. It might cost some money.

However, paying the bills yourself makes them know how much you care.

If your friend is refusing professional help, do not get furious. Give them some time to think about it. They might not be comfortable with a one-on-one meeting with an unfamiliar face.

You can choose an online chat session with a professional.

Do Not Give Up, Keep Supporting Them

Some days you might feel discouraged, sad, or unappreciated. The victim might be facing denials and might refuse your help on several occasions.

Ensure you are patient with them – they will come around soon.

You can encourage them to make appointments with professionals. It may not be easy but continue to show love to them. Let them know that they will feel better after getting help. 

Sometimes, allow them to cancel appointments. Do not impose anything on them.

As much as it is best for them, they still have a choice. You can read this article on how to speak to depressed persons. Sound encouraging rather than imposing.

If you cannot handle the situation, contact an older person they respect and understand.


Depression is a mental condition that you should not ignore.

There are several signs that your friend is battling depression.

Some include exclusion from meetings and activities, sad talks about life, feeling worthless, irregular eating habits, and more. 

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