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Some of the Most Useful Car Apps that You Must Try

In this hi-tech era smartphones are stealing the show. They have successfully replaced the typical cell phones, Personal Data Assistants, Global Positioning Systems, MP3, and in certain cases even computers. This is simply because phones such as the iPhone can take care of everything. The iPhone is regarded as the very essence of smartphones. It has the looks, incredible capabilities and a user-friendly interface. It has got several attributes that has made it extremely popular. Android phones and iPhones offer a number of apps for motorists that are great for practical use and many of them are used just for seeking fun and pleasure.

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INRIX Traffic App

This is a pretty useful car or motor app that assists you in planning your route in a manner in which GPS may not be able to do. This is a free app that gives you valuable traffic information. However, you might have to pay $ 25.99 for upgrading to INRIX traffic premium. It provides you with a list of traffic incidents including accidents, sporting events, crowds, convention traffic and any other events reported by any member of the famous INRIX Traffic Community.

It comes up with a map of the locality with traffic density highlighted with color-coded lines that clearly indicate which routes are having light traffic and which are having major traffic. It also, provides a timeline that actually allows you to predict traffic situation for the 15 minute gap during which you propose to travel.

GoPoint App

If you are already aware that your vehicle is experiencing some snags for example, if the car’s check engine light is keeping on flashing, you could use the GoPoint App as that can provide the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) for it. There are standardized trouble codes that will be defined to you in plain and clear English.

TomTom US & Canada

If you love apps for motorists then you must try this one. One of the most sophisticated and functional GPS applications, TomTom US and Canada can do just about anything you would need. From calculating the best route, to displaying it in two or three dimensions on your screen, it can also pop-up useful information like the speed you’re going at, estimated time of arrival and all sorts of other alerts. You could hook it up to your car’s speakers too through Bluetooth, which would mean that the music would fade for a bit to accommodate the voice instruction when it comes on. This is handy and avoids distraction.


A San Francisco based company; Streetline has worked with the help of Departments of Transportation in many cities like LA, New York, Boston, Dallas and others to install sensors and telemetric systems in neighborhoods which are able to send alerts to an app called Parker as to whether and where there are any free parking spaces around.

The app is feature-rich, replete with color coding and customized icons and counters which make maps really easy to read. In certain allied spots, you are even given the option to pay your parking fees through the app. The app will time your meter and also bring up relevant rates and calculations. It can even track where you are using the GPS and tell you whether you’ll make it back in time!

Google Places

Google knows everything- and this map based application can find shops, restaurants, hotels, gas stations- you name it! You can also submit your own listings and reviews.

Fill my Tank

If you are in Australia, it’s a great app to have, as it can track over 4000 petrol stations and tell you which one is nearest to you, compare prices, and handle a lot of data efficiently!

Author bio: Patrick Blackman is a geek, tech writer and designer. He is into blogging and photography too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.