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Two Great Books for Elementary and Middle School Children from Tilbury House Publishers

We know that reading to children and encouraging children to read is important. When done every day, reading has many benefits and advantages. Reading enhances vocabulary, aids in reading and writing comprehension, and helps children understand different topics about the world they live in. When made a priority, there’s no denying that consistent reading will set children up for long-term success in school, language skills, creativity, concentration and more. There are two new titles covering the entire elementary and middle school grade range from Tilbury House Publishers. Check them out!

The Acadia Files: Book Two, Autumn Science by Katie Coppens – Tilbury House Publishers

Children can explore science through adventure with The Acadia Files: Book Two, Autumn Science by Katie Coppens (Hardcover $13.95; ISBN: 978-0884486046; Grades 4-7; 88 pages). The author, Katie Coppens writes a recurring column on science and literacy called “The Integrated Classroom” for NSTA’s middle school magazine, Science Scope.

Two Great Books for Elementary and Middle School Children from Tilbury House Publishers 2

The main character, Acadia Greene wants answers about science like what happened to the frogs she used to see at her favorite local pond? Why do leaves change color in the fall, and why don’t evergreen needles do the same? What is the water cycle, and what is transpiration? How do time zones work, and why does the sun set at different times in different places within a single zone? How do germs infect us? Like many children, Acadia just wants to know the answers, but doesn’t mean to do science. As a result of her constant why’s, her parents refuse to simply give her the answers. Instead they suggest to Acadia to “conduct an experiment” and “use the scientific method.” As Acadia takes on the method of making hypotheses, designing experiments, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions — in comes science.

This book presents five stories of fall, each one followed by Acadia’s science notebook. The notebook pages have simple explanations and lively, whimsical drawings of natural phenomena. The Acadia Files is a fun introduction to the wonders of science, using real-world scenarios to make science relatable and understandable. Parents and educators can use The Acadia Files to let kids discover for themselves what it’s like to be curious about the world and to satisfy that curiosity with scientific thinking.

Henry is Kind by Linda Ryden – Tilbury House Publishers

Henry is Kind (Hardcover $16.95; ISBN: 978-0884486619; Grades K-5; 32 pages) by Linda Ryden is a classroom-tested resource for social and emotional learning. In this book, Henry discovers the many ways he can be kind.  The pages will inspire young readers to use the simple mindfulness practices taught in this book to develop their own capacities for kindness.

Two Great Books for Elementary and Middle School Children from Tilbury House Publishers 3

Meet Ms. Snowden and her class as they practice sending kind thoughts to the people they love. As they launch a class Kindness Project, there is only one problem. Classmate Henry can’t think of one kind thing he has done. Declaring that kindness is stupid, he stomps to the classroom door on the verge of tears. Fortunately, his classmates save the day by reminding him of the kind things he has done for each of them.

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