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Introducing Tweexy – The Genius Nail Polish Holder


Introducing Tweexy – the original wearable nail polish holder that makes painting your nails so much easier! 

After two years of testing, experimenting and collaborating with 100's of nail polish users, this refined design now fits every size and shape nail polish bottle and hand.  Tweexy is small, soft, comfortable, easy to use, fashionable, colorful and most important… wearable and mobile.

How does tweexy work?

First, Place two fingers in the expandable ring holes. The ring holes are very flexible and open on the bottom making it possible for any size fingers to fit.  A two year old, tween, teen, adult and even a man, were all able to fit their fingers in the tweexy.  Making this product usable to everyone. 

Next, insert the nail polish bottle in the top portion of the tweexy.  I tried all different sizes of nail polish, all of them fit snugly and securely.  No longer did I need to worry about spills, shaky hands, smearing, smudging or reaching.  Genius design for sure!

Lastly, press down and twist open the nail polish cap.  Paint your nails, replace the cap, then lift tweexy off your fingers when you are finished. Your beautiful nails are complete.

For full instructions with photos please watch this Instructional Video

I absolutely love nail art, I love to paint my own nails and also the nails of family and friends.  When painting my own nails I wore it on my hand.  Painting another person’s nails, I put the tweexy of their hand.   This is a must have tool for anyone that loves nail art.  It would be especially useful when trying to paint your nails away from a flat surface to hold the polish bottle.  Now you can paint while traveling in a car or plane, while at the park or beach. 

Where can you buy Tweexy?

Get yours today from Amazon or Tweexy

Leave us a comment, let us know where you used your Tweexy at for the first time! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.