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How to combat and kill the worst shoe odor


Fight against shoe odor with SoleFog, the fast acting and strongly scented shoe odor eliminator!

solefog00Learn more about SoleFog Odor Eliminator:

SoleFog is a product made with all natural ingredients that are eco-friendly and water based.  SoleFog was developed to kill shoe odor at the source, in the deepest part of the shoe where bacteria and sweat lives.  Leaving behind a fresh fragrance to get rid of that lingering stinky shoe smell. SoleFog was developed, created and will always be 100% produced in the United States of America

Foot Facts:

  • Feet produce more sweat than any other part your body. Each foot has over 250,000 sweat glands, that can produce more than 2 cups of sweat in one day!
  • Add socks and shoes, to soak that moisture. A perfect spot for bacteria to feed and produce stinky waste.
  • People that sweat excessively can attract bacteria called, Micrococcus sedentarius. A bacteria that produces sulfur compounds. AKA Stinky feet like rotten eggs!
  • Excessive moisture without shoe spray may lead to foot fungus such as athletes foot.

Sole Fog can help combat and kill the worst shoe odor

solefog09-1Put SoleFog to work:

  1. Take off your shoes.
  2. Find an area in your house with great air flow.
  3. Spray one or two short bursts of SoleFog in each shoe.
  4. Leave the shoes for 1-2 hours and let the water based odor eliminator go to work.
  5. Do not put your shoes on if they are still wet inside.

Now the ugly stink will be gone!solefog05

Have you ever put your nose right down inside your shoes and take a big sniff?  I hadn’t until I received SoleFog.  Wow, was I surprised at just how awful my shoes smelled!  I gathered up all my shoes, took them out on the porch, and started spraying.  Two hours later I returned to take another sniff of the shoes.  I couldn’t believe it, they smelled fantastic!  Go ahead, sniff your shoes, you’ll want to try SoleFog after doing so. 

Get yours today: 

Visit SoleFog Shop, there are 3 fragrances: Fresh, Vanilla and Citrus.  Each spray can is $10, or get the 3 pack for $20 ($10 SAVINGS!)  Make sure to use coupon code: SOLEFOG20 for a 20% discount, plus Shipping is FREE!

Let us know what your favorite scent is, mine is Fresh!

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