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Treets Traditions to Spring Clean Your Body and Soul

    Bath time should be more than just cleansing your body. It should be a time for relaxation and renewal, whether you're just starting your day, and winding down from it. Treets Traditions has some fantastic bath and body products to help you do just that.

Treets Traditions

    Treets Traditions are Mother Nature's gift to you. Each product features ancient secrets of body care for luxury and pleasure. Our ancestors didn't have pills or creams to heal themselves. What they did have were things found in nature. They prepared extracts from things they found around them. Such as plants, herbs, and flowers. Treets Traditions does just that with their products.

What you need to relax and replenish

    Treets Traditions has products in each line that you are going to love. They have their Healing line, Relaxing, Moisturizing, Nourishing, and Revitalizing. Each does something a little different. For example, Relaxing is inspired by Asian traditions and offer a sweet flowery perfume. Their Nourishing line features butter and oils from nuts found in Africa. 

bath tea treets


    Their Healing products have fresh herbs from the mountains of the Alps. With undertones of lavender they smell beautiful! Last night I tried one of their Healing in Harmony Tea Bags for Bath. Think giant tea bag, but for your tub. It's packed with oatmeal and lavender to calm and soothe irritated skin. My skin wasn't exactly irritated, so much as I was (ahhh motherhood!) But this bath tea bag calmed me nicely. 

    My son loves Treets Traditions Bath Fizzers. Right now we have the Healing in Harmony set. These fizzers have soda, lavender and beeswax to calm and soothe. They smell wonderful! My son loves how they bubble. In respect to Mother Nature, they are free of SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, colorants and mineral oils.

fizzers treets

Where to buy

    You can purchase Treets Traditions at an Ulta Beauty store near you. (Not sure where your closest Ulta is? Click HERE and they will help you.) Want to shop from home? No problem! Click HERE to shop in your pj's. You can follow Ulta Beauty on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.