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Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts: A Year-by-Year Guide

An anniversary is something to rejoice in, regardless of how long it has been since you and your partner have been legally married.

A thoughtful present that demonstrates how much you care is necessary whether you’re celebrating one year of marital bliss or your first decade of marriage.

If you’ve done your homework, you’ll know that some couples choose their anniversary year to exchange gifts.

You may also be aware that lists are divided into two categories: traditional and modern. If you stick to the traditional anniversary presents, your first year of marriage calls for paper, your second for cotton, the third for leather, and so on.

You may have heard about this age-old protocol.

Anniversary gifts by year commemorate the most important moments in marriage, whether it’s celebrating something new or reaffirming an everlasting tie.

A variety of themes have risen over the long history of giving that bond the most appropriate presents for each passing year.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts: A Year-by-Year Guide

Using this pool of inspiration ensures that you get the emotion perfect without losing a wink of sleep over what to get them. So do yourself a favor and read through our vital guide to help you choose the best gifts at the right time in your loved one’s life.

Year 1: Paper

Paper indicates modest beginnings and the evolution of a marriage in the larger picture of this list, which includes more expensive items like platinum and crystal.

Begin simply by giving a calligraphed copy of your wedding vows, or go all out and frame them and put them above your bed as a surprise.

If you want to give your spouse an experience instead of a gift, trade concert, or airplane tickets—there is a perfect loophole to gift paper!

Year 2: Cotton

Your second fabric-themed anniversary gift is all about providing comfort, whether it’s an embroidered cotton pajama set, a new pair of his favorite sheets, or a personalized throw blanket.

Is there such a thing as a rule of thumb? It passes the test if it’s cotton, makes you want to snuggle, and is favorable to cuddling.

The second wedding anniversary is all about celebrating how far your partnership has progressed.

Cotton has traditionally been the gift of choice since each fiber signifies two individuals who have been intertwined to become one union.

The modern counterpart is China. Its timeless and eternal beauty and refinement, like your relationship, are timeless as well as enduring, but it is also fragile and may have flaws, just like your still-young relationship.

Year 3: Leather

When you reach your third wedding anniversary, you’ll have been married for 1,000 days.

This is a significant milestone, and you should be proud of the solid foundation you’ve made together. Leather is traditionally given as a gift to symbolize the strong love you share.

On the eve of your 3rd anniversary, as part of our unusual relationship with leather, we recommend manufacturing fruit leather together in your own kitchen.

Any reason to spend quality time in the kitchen after spending so much time upgrading the decor is a good one!

Year 4: Linen

Refresh your tablescape with a beautiful runner and a set of napkins for your fourth anniversary, particularly if your linens are getting a little worn from all the family events you’ve been entertaining.

Adding a monogram to linens is a proven way to make the present that much more meaningful.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts: A Year-by-Year Guide

Year 5: Wood

On your 5th anniversary, go for a trek in the woods to reconnect with nature and each other.

Give a wood picture frame with your favorite photo or an engraved message of love placed on wood with an anniversary theme.

Plant a tree in your yard if you have one. You can watch it develop over time. Build a potting shed or tool shed for your handyman or gardener!

Year 6: Candy or Iron

You’ve been together for six years and are loving every minute of it. The sweet things are the theme for this wedding anniversary.

The traditional present for this year is candy or iron, and we meant this seriously.

Candy’s youthful appeal harkens back to the sweetness of your courting days and serves as a reminder to continue that sweetness into your marriage.

We adore the idea of having your wedding cake baker construct a miniature version of your big-day dessert, especially for the two of you to commemorate the past six years.

While iron, with its immense strength, attests to the rocksolid union you have created.

Year 7: Wool

Wool has always been associated with long-term relationships. Roman brides wore wool bridal gowns in ancient times because the cloth was thought to be lucky and repel evil spirits.

On their seventh wedding anniversary, spouses exchange wool to symbolize the comfort, security, and warmth of their partnerships.

Cashmere scarves are a great way to feel warm and comfy and in style even when you’re not together to keep each other warm.

Year 8: Bronze

Bronze is picked for an eight-year marriage because it is a combination of two metals (copper and tin) that are more powerful together than they are separate.

Choose a keepsake that will live on a shelf for a long time, such as this little bronze stag figurine, which is perfect for someone with Scottish ancestry. Linen and lace are a contemporary alternative.

Nothing beats snuggling into new, clean sheets at night, and your lover will appreciate some luxurious linen bedding. Just make sure it’s a nice set, like these, and some rose petals will set the mood perfectly.

Year 9: Pottery

Pottery is the choice of the present to mark nine years of marriage. Making a bowl requires hours of meticulous preparation, much like a long-term relationship that appears great on the surface.

The crystallization of many forces into something indisputably unique, complete, and beautiful is symbolized by pottery presents.

Even if you can’t purchase a Ming vase for your partner, giving ceramics is a way of saying, “Thank you for working on this marriage with me, and look at how lovely our lives have become as a consequence.”

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts: A Year-by-Year Guide

Year 10: Aluminium

You’ve done it—you’ve been together for a decade. Celebrate the strength of your connection with a material that’s (nearly!) as strong: aluminum.

Mark the milestone with a high-end gift, such as a new set of kitchen knives or a pair of weather-resistant mountain bikes ideal for racing down your favorite routes.

Do you have any plans to go any bigger? Aluminum is widely used in automobiles; therefore, the joy-ride for your couple’s excursion up the coast is quite justified.

Here are the rest of the ideas for your next 80 anniversaries!

Parting Words

We hope these interesting tidbits inspire love and joy for years to come, no matter how you choose to remember the day you made it official.

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