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Top 3 Pitfalls of Falling for a Farmer

Falling in love and falling happily in love are two different things, and today, we’ll try to turn your secret farmer crush into a love affair to remember. Obviously, there are pitfalls to falling for a cute farmer who doesn’t seem to be particularly interested in dating, and instead of just discussing those, we’ll present our tips for overcoming the challenges of getting a country boy to like you. You can go ahead and meet single farmers from other areas or in different ways, such as through friends instead of on the web, but the pitfalls will remain the same, and they have to be addressed ASAP.

#1: You Waste Time on Daydreaming

There comes a time in every girl’s life when daydreaming about a hottie stops being her favorite pastime and starts being a huge waste of time. As nice as daydreaming feels, imagine all the things you could do if you weren’t spending hours on end thinking about what he was doing right this minute or how he got to be so adorable? Imagine all the books that you could read, all the meals that you could cook, and all the yoga classes you could attend if only there was a chance you could put your mind to those things? But alas, we all know you can’t. That’s why we’d like you to move from this passive stage of being helplessly in love with him to a more proactive stage where you actually send cheeky messages his way along the lines of ‘Ugh, get out of my head. I’m busy!’ Rest assured that no man can resist a woman who wants him and knows how to joke about it!

#2: You Waste Time on his Facebook Page

We dare you to keep a diary and write down the number of minutes (or hours) you spend checking out his social media pages. We’re absolutely sure you’ll be shocked by the figures. And yes, we know that farmers too are keeping up with the times they live in, maintaining pretty engaging Facebook and Instagram pages. You’ll probably search for his ex-girlfriends, potential love interests, hints as to what he’s like, his mom, his uncles, and pretty much anything that you can get your hands on, a.k.a. stuff him and his friends make public. In order to make sure your farmer love doesn’t turn into an obsession before you even make your first move, we suggest using the information you’ve accumulated about him to ask him out, get him to like you or start a conversation with him that he’ll find interesting and that will go in the direction you want thanks to the fact you’re more than prepared!

#3: You Start to Question Your Self-Worth

Every time we have a crush, we can’t help but wonder – would he go for a girl like me? It’s only natural to feel uneasy about the possible answer to this question and to fear it would be no. You wonder whether you’re pretty enough for him, whether he’d go for someone who wasn’t that successful or was too successful, whether you should change your hair color, the kind of car you drive or the places you like to frequent. You start feeling a little self-conscious because your feelings are putting you out there and making you vulnerable, and you don’t have a safety net to fall back on. There are two possible ways out of this situation that is anything but good for you – you either find out if he likes you or not, or you move on to someone else and stop thinking you’re not good enough. Look at it this way. The answer is no for as long as you keep postponing revealing your feelings to him. When you work up the courage and ask him out, that answer might turn into a yes.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.