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The Solo Project: 3 Ways Living Alone Makes You an Awesome Person

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In general, people don’t like to do things alone. We never eat at restaurants by ourselves. It’s a real pain to sleep without a partner to cuddle. And perhaps the most dreaded is the reality of moving out and living solo. Who wants to be solely responsible for the dishes, the laundry, and the utility bills, right? But as much as there are challenges in living independently, there are also nice, meaningful gains. If you’ve been contemplating about breaking away from your long-time roommate or your family for the longest time, but you’re unsure if it’s worth it, take a look at these things you’ll miss if you don’t take the plunge:

You become a master at independence.

You can never claim that you’re a strong person, in the emotional and social sense of the word, if you haven’t tried living solo yet. When it’s only yourself you can trust and no one else, you’re forced to step up on a lot of aspects in life. For instance, you’re compelled to learn new dishes every now and then because you know you can’t eat mac and cheese every single time. You want to be good at fixing light bulbs and faucet leaks so you won’t have to keep getting strangers at your house. Since there’s no one to budget for you, you also try your hand at getting your finances in order. In the small and big things, you learn to be self-sufficient. An important characteristic that will make you more confident and comfortable in taking risks, whether it be in career, love, or whatnot.

You understand yourself more.

There are plenty of opportunities for introspection when you live alone. You’ll be able to pick out negative thought patterns. You’ll know what you like and don’t like, and why. You’ll process emotions better when you go through something tough. You’ll be in touch with your interests and preferences all the more. This self-awareness will help you mature as a better person further. All the more that you’ll seek to understand who you really are and grow that identity if you’ll be moving out to a town or country that has a culture so different from what you’re used to. So if your goal is to rediscover yourself, consider going somewhere far from your roots as you pack and declutter your stuff. If you need help with your belongings, get in touch with full-service movers offering long-distance services.

You interact with people better.

When you live in solitary for long periods, you become more appreciative of the times that you are in the company of other people. You long for those family reunions, happy hours with friends after work, and meet-up with potential romantic partners. You might even find yourself hosting dinner parties at your own home. And the best thing is that you won’t need to tell parents or roommates that you have friends coming over. You don’t need to follow a 10 PM curfew either. It’s your house, so it’s your rules.

Ready to Go Solo?

Living alone may not look like fun at first glance. But believe it or not, it will be one of the most meaningful experiences you’ll have in life. So don’t postpone your plans. Pack up and move out.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.