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The Time For Comparing Paper Is Officially Over

This post is sponsored by Boise Paper to create this content based on my own opinion.

When it comes to purchasing paper, why is it important to think about the choice before you make it? If you think about it, the surface can be pretty deceiving. The thing is, every paper has their own value and performance as well. So eventually, that leaves you to wonder which paper choice on the shelf is the right thing. Choosing the right paper can guarantee some key benefits including:

  • Colors pop off the page
  • Black ink doesn’t bleed through the other side
  • Paper doesn’t jam in the printer
  • Printed pages look their best
  • Work documents feel professional
  • You get the most out of every paper sheet

 Why Compare Boise vs. Hammermill?

Copy paper should provide you with major guarantees that are going to benefit you in more ways than one. The primary factor is that it should easily run through any high-speed office equipment for any office. Plus no matter the type of ink used, there shouldn't be any bleeding through right? The paper is supposed to have the crisp and smooth feel to it like nothing can go wrong when using it. 

For years, I have depended on Boise Paper for all of my printing needs, and they have always delivered a great performance. Boise POLARIS® Premium Multipurpose Paper is the number one choice in my book. Although there has only one time, I've experience using a different brand of paper.

That selection was Hammermill® Premium Multipurpose Paper.

Just from that one experience, I would still decide to go with Boise rather than Hammermill for a few different reasons. For starters, Boise's copy paper is brighter than Hammermill's copy paper. That is a huge factor to me personally, brighter paper makes a crisp presentation. Now as for other key factors about the difference between the two, they include:

  • Boise Paper comes in 3 different weight while Hammerhill comes in only 2 different weights.
  • Boise carries a 99.9% jam-free performance
  • Boise Includes Box Tops for Education, perfect for earning schools money to benefit the children

It seems as if there isn't any competition when it comes to Boise paper products. I can honestly say that I'll be alongside Boise for years to come. So check out the information that I have for you above. Make sure you make the right choice when it comes to all your printer paper needs.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.