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“The Tukor’s Journey” – An Adventure That’s Sure To Please Many Readers

I love to read. However, I’ll be honest and admit I’m not a big fan of fantasy-type books. So, when I was given “The Tukor’s Journey,” I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy reading it. But, I’m pleased to report I really have enjoyed reading this book.

Tukor's 1

Let me rewind a bit and tell you about the story. “The Tukor’s Journey, ” by Jeannine Kellogg, is a fantasy book (probably for middle-school and older readers). The story begins with Snow Monkey, who is on the lam from the zoo and on a mission to meet Red Panda with important papers. Both must keep the papers out of the hands of the Grezniks, who are on their own mission to destroy the world.

Grezniks To Be Feared And Found

Who are the Grezniks? They are a complex creature whose language is “incomprehensible” (p. 12). I don’t even know if you could call them creatures, because they’re not exactly alive. However, they do have the will to do things.

What do they look like?  Well, they have 6 eyeballs but no eyelids, a tail like an armadillo, and a snout that “oozes a gross phlegm that they constantly lap up” (p. 13).  Let’s just say they’re gross. Really gross. Luckily, they do avoid the big, bustling cities. However, avoiding the big cities may make it more difficult to find them and ensure they don’t destroy the world.

Then, there are the Tukors, who have eyes that can “behold a Greznik without blasting it into smithereens, but they are the only humans that can” (p. 27). But, no one is sure where there are any Tukors to help fight the Grezniks.  So, what is the world to do? This is where a sweet and innocent group of siblings, consisting of Mitch, Jovi, and Tony, are called to step in. Will they be able to help save the world? You’ll have to read the book and follow them on their journey to find out.

Inspiration From Jeannine Kellogg

The author, Jeannine Kellogg, says, “We all have an important and powerful mission in life, no matter our circumstances. We are all storytellers as we author our life. We are all invited into a grand and guided adventure to bring Goodness to the world, to bring encouragement to others, and to battle Darkness. I love helping children to see their life as having a powerful mission.”

Kellogg truly reflects the above throughout her book, as she weaves a fun, adventurous story with lessons for everyone. It’s an enjoyable book that is well written and draws the reader in. Her descriptiveness is captivating to the point you feel you are part of the story. I even found myself gasping during moments of tension (which I don’t often do while reading a book).

You can purchase your copy of “The Tukor’s Journey” on Amazon. It’s available in paperback ($11.99) and in Kindle version ($7.99). Prices are subject to change. It’s a fun book that will whisk you away on an adventure! Try it out!

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