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“Dream Big: Engineering Our World” Will Inspire The Young & Old (And Those In Between)

When I drive across a bridge, I don't really give it a second thought (unless we're driving over some harrowing cliff). However, when you stop to think about it, a bridge, itself, is an amazing engineering project. Many bridges support car after car as they make their way across from point A to point B. And, it's very rare for a bridge to fail. Furthermore, bridges are not the only engineering marvel in our world. There are amazing skyscrapers, frightening rollercoasters and much more all around us. If you want to be really amazed by what engineering can accomplish, watch “Dream Big: Engineering Our World” for an amazing film presenting spectacular engineering feats created by man (and woman).

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This is a film that was created for IMAX® and the giant screens in theaters, so get ready for a thrilling show. And, on July 24th, 2018, it will be released in a 2-DVD set by Shout! Factory so you can watch it in the comfort of your own home.

What Does “Dream Big” Entail? A Lot!

The film is an education-focused film narrated by Jeff Bridges. The second DVD (or Blu-ray) comes with an educator's guide (including 12 lesson plans), 10 educational shorts, 8 behind-the-scenes featurettes and 8 short “Fun Fact” videos. And, it is far from boring. It's actually very inspiring.

What I really like about this film is that it shows women in engineering who are amazing and inspiring. When I was a child I wanted to be an engineer and I had gone to a scout-type meeting for future engineers. I never went back to another meeting after the first one because I was the only girl and was intimidated by all the males. I wish I had seen this “Dream Big: Engineering Our World” back when I was a child. Then, perhaps I would have seen all that women can do and probably would have felt stronger to march on and pursue such a career in engineering.

This film shows what women, men, and children can accomplish in engineering. Yes, even children!  The film shows school students pursuing the creation of amazing robots that can go underwater in a competition!

Another thing I really like about this film is that it shows how engineering can solve so many problems, including how to help people obtain an education while avoiding drowning and how to protect a super tall skyscraper from the ravaging effects of wind. It will also tell you an amazing (and kind of funny) fact about the Great Wall of China. And, that's not all. There is more. Much more!

And, of course, it's a wonderful film that calls attention to STEM (which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math) and hopefully will inspire future generations from all backgrounds to obtain careers in the STEM fields.

As for the educational material, it is quite impressive. It's exciting, encourages active participation, and will provide kids with hours of fun activities and learning.

Pre-order Your Copy

You can pre-order “Dream Big” Engineering Our World” at Shout! Factory for $23.93 for the Blu-ray version or $16.97 for the DVD version (prices subject to change). Even if you don't want to be an engineer, it's definitely worth watching. It truly helps one appreciate what we have in our world. Engineering oftentimes makes things that seem impossible possible.

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