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The Top Examples of Distracted Driving That Should Be Avoided

Every day there are people on the roads going from one place to another.

Although, there comes a time where we're all tempted by the presence of our mobile devices. Or even other common distractions that tend to take out minds and eyes of the road while driving.

State lawmakers often pass new laws each year to scare drivers into developing safety habits.

But lets face the simple fact that we are all human, and distractions happen.

There's no doubt that we are all capable of letting a distraction take over even for a moment.

But that single moment is all it takes to cause a collision in traffic.

So we constantly have to keep in mind that no distraction is worth risking injury passengers, other travelers, and ourselves.

It helps to be prepared in any case, the injury attorneys at GJEL can help you stay on top of any matter if something happens.

The Top Examples of Distracted Driving That Should Be Avoided

With that being said, it also helps to avoid possible distractions. Below you'll find distractions that are all dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Having In Earbuds

Using earbuds while you are driving will never be a good idea.

Besides taking your mind off the road, they can also disrupt your ability to hear whats going on around you.

You could miss something going on, a train, or even the sound of emergency services.

The use of earbuds while in the driver seat should never be promoted.

Texting While Behind The Wheel

Driving takes tons of focus, so you must keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Taking the time to text someone back while you or driving can lead to a collision that can easily be avoided by putting your phone down.

Even if you take your eyes off the road for a second you can end of offroad.

So avoid disrupting your hand-eye coordination and don't text while driving.

Passengers That Are Overly Distracting

Yes, using your mobile devices while driving is a huge distraction, but what about your passengers? The individuals that you are traveling with can be just as distracting as a smart phone.

Some passengers tend to constantly be in the drivers ear which can cause a loss of focus.

Or a passenger can try and show you something they see on their phones to.

You and your passengers could end up seriously hurt if a traffic collision happens because you are distracted.

If you're traveling and things get a little bit loud, politely ask any passenger to relax and keep the noise down.

It's important that they understand that everyone safety is in the hands of the driver.

Drinking & Driving

One of the biggest causes of accidents comes from people drinking and driving. But did you know that the cause isn't just alcohol alone?

Water, soda, juice, or any beverage that you enjoy can be just as deadly.

Taking the time to tilt your head back is dangerous!

Even that split-second motion can turn out to be a huge distraction leading to a terrible outcome.

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