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The Potty Duck Can Make Potty Training Fun!

Sometimes potty training can be an arduous process. Other times it can go smoothly with not too much difficulty.  But, I think most parents would appreciate as much help as possible to save themselves (and their children) a lot of stress. The following post is about the Potty Duck, a great potty training tool that makes learning fun for kids and that will hopefully make potty training an easier process.

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Most children love playing with toys in the bathtub while taking a bath. And, isn’t it more fun for children to learn while playing with toys?  Combine the two, learning and playing, and you’ve got the perfect formula for a potty training tool. It’s called the Potty Duck, a rubber duck that squirts water to potty in a flushing toy toilet. Children play with it and, as a result, can learn through imitation how to potty in the toilet and flush. In fact, this training tool encourages children to use 3 of their senses (sight, sound, and touch) when interacting with the Potty Duck; the more senses used can help facilitate the learning process.

Some other important features of the Potty Duck is that it can be used to teach boys and girls. It also comes with big suction cups so that it can easily attach to the side of the bathtub or sink. And, this toy is also free of BPA and phthalate.

You could start using this even before official toilet training begins. It will help a child get used to the whole idea of using a toilet and flushing it. The directions that come with the Potty Duck recommend use of this training tool for children 1+ years of age. The directions also come with training tips to help everyone be successful.

Another cool thing about this product is that when you purchase a Potty Duck, 10% of the proceeds go to organizations that build toilets and help to improve sanitation for other children in various parts of the world.

The Development of The Potty Duck And How It Comes Highly Recommended

How did the idea for Potty Duck come about?  The idea came from Fred Longenecker, who had a 2-year-old daughter that had been playing with a toy that could squirt water. After playing with it and squirting water from it, she wanted to copy it by toileting herself. After that observation gave Longenecker an idea, he worked with a pediatrician, named Dr. Shelly Mann, and they created the Potty Duck in 2016 so that other children could benefit from this great potty training tool.

The Potty Duck is a #1 pediatrician choice and it has received the Creative Child Awards 2017 Product of the Year Award from the Creative Child Magazine. And, on their website, they have the following quote made by Dr. Barton Schmitt, an expert on potty training: “Potty Duck is the most magical potty training motivator available today.” So, as you can see, it has a pretty impressive record. And, you can purchase it on their website for $19.95. Potty training can be fun!

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