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“The Blue Witch” – A Delightful Treat!

Halloween is coming up. Some kids can’t eat candy or perhaps you don’t want your kids to eat candy (or at least not too much). How about giving your child or children a different type of “treat,” such as a book, for Halloween? There is a new book coming out that will be released before Halloween and it would make a fun gift. It’s called “The Blue Witch” and it’s a delightful, engaging story written by Alane Adams.


“The Blue Witch” is about a little witch named Abigail. Her life didn’t start off too easily, as she lost her mother when she was a baby. As a little one, she was a witchling and was given to the witches in the Tarkana Creche. Eventually, when she was a little older, she was then sent off to the Tarkana Witch Academy to learn “the art of witchery” (p. 20).

Life still wasn’t easy for Abigail at the Witch Academy. She was being bullied and having to fend for herself. However, she eventually makes a new friend, Hugo, who helps save her when she finds herself in a frightening predicament. At that moment, their friendship begins and so does a magical adventure! You’ll want to pick up your copy of “The Blue Witch” to see what happens next.

My Take On This Cute Story

I’m not a big fan of fantasy-type books. However, I actually have really enjoyed “The Blue Witch.” It’s a fun chapter book. And, there are some illustrations throughout the book, which always makes it more engaging. In terms of the story, it has parts that are sad and parts that are dramatic. Then there are other parts that will have you on the edge of your seat. It really is a great story that I think many will enjoy.

“The Blue Witch” will be released on October 23, 2018. It is currently available for preorder on Amazon. It comes in paperback for $12.95 and Kindle version for $9.95 (prices subject to change). This book would make a wonderful and fun “treat” for children of the ages 7 through 12 years. Have a happy Halloween!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.