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Baby Food Pouches For Economical And Healthy Food

Have you ever tried reusable pouches for food? When baby is eating table food, they're actually a fun and easy way to provide food for your baby. And, to help you figure out how to utilize them, there is a new book called “101 DIY Baby Food Pouches: Incredible Easy Recipes for Reusable Pouches,” by Kawn Al-Jabbouri. It's an adorable little book that provides tons of recipes for healthy meals and snacks for your child. The recipes look so delicious, I'd love to eat some of them myself!


Here are some examples of recipes included in the book:

  • pear, banana, and nectarine puree;
  • strawberry, peach, pineapple, and pomegranate puree; and
  • zucchini, carrot, and fig puree.

The book contains a “Savory Purees” section (many of which look more like the main course type of recipes) and a “Sweet Purees” section (these are my favorite since I have a sweet tooth).

A Book That's More Than Just Recipes

The author also provides various tips, including how to store purees and prepare your pouches. The recipes come with tons of helpful information, too. For example, the author provides nutritional information for some of the recipes  and various cooking tips to make life easier. The photography that accompanies the recipes is gorgeous, making this a beautiful little recipe book of sorts.

This book would actually make a wonderful baby shower gift (perhaps along with a set of reusable baby food pouches)! A new mom would truly appreciate the wealth of information in this book for when her baby is older and eating table foods. A new (and seasoned) mom would probably also appreciate the book because, according to the cover of the book, making baby food utilizing baby food pouches can help save money, create less waste, and provide a healthy diet.

Kawn Al-Jabbouri is the author of the book and she also has a really cool, helpful website called Kids Food Universe. Check it out! It has a lot of great info and great pictures!  “101 DIY Baby Food Pouches” was also created by Anni Daulter, a professional cook and author, Kelly Genzlinger, C.N.C., C.M.T.A., who is an author, speaker, and certified nutritional consultant, and Katherine Erlich, M.D., a board-certified pediatrician and mother of two.

“101 DIY Baby Food Pouches” can be purchased on the Quarto Knows website. It's available in paperback (160 pages) and retails for $15.99 (price subject to change).

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