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The Best Ways To Sell Your Vehicle In 2022

Maybe you don't use your car as much as you used to, or maybe it's time to upgrade your ride.

Whatever your reason, if you're looking to sell your car, you probably want to sell it as easily and quickly as possible while still getting a fair price.

From the traditional window sign to the best websites to sell your vehicle, today there are more ways than ever to sell your car.

The Best Ways To Sell Your Vehicle In 2022

Option #1: Trade In Your Vehicle at the Dealership

If you're looking to upgrade your vehicle and don't care about getting top dollar for your current ride, then trading in your vehicle at the dealership might be the simplest option.

With this option, the dealer will take care of any necessary paperwork, including resolving your existing car loan (if you have one).

The dealer probably won't pay you directly for your car though; instead, the payment for your car will be taken off the price of a new or used vehicle from the dealership.

You might get less money for your car this way, because the dealer is going to offer you less than they can resell it for.

However, if you want to drive home a new car in the same day with minimal hassle, trading in your car at the dealership is a good option.

Option #2: Put a “For Sale” Sign on Your Car

If you don't mind your old ride sitting in your driveway for a few weeks or months, then simply putting a “For Sale” sign in the window might be the way to go.

This option will require more legwork from you, but it does allow you to negotiate to get the best price for your vehicle.

Start by researching the value of your car, so you list it for a competitive price.

You'll need to be available for interested parties to view your vehicle, and you will probably have to schedule an inspection with a mechanic once you find a serious buyer.

With this option, you will also be responsible for filing any necessary paperwork to transfer the title of the vehicle once it's sold.

Requirements vary state by state, so contact your local DMV to ensure you complete the proper forms.

Option #3: Sell Your Vehicle Online

There are dozens of websites designed to help you sell your vehicle online—but how do you find the best website to sell your vehicle? There are a few key ways online car selling marketplaces differ.

  • Cost to List Your Vehicle: Some websites allow you to list your vehicle for free, but others may charge a fee. While it might seem like the smartest option is to go with a free site, websites with a fee may have additional perks that make the fee worthwhile. For example, some sites may help you complete the selling paperwork or give you the option to trade in your vehicle.
  • What Documentation You Need: Some sites require you to provide the vehicle history report or appraisal prior to listing your vehicle. If you don't have this paperwork or don't want the hassle of obtaining it, then you might prefer a site that does appraisals for you. 
  • Home Vehicle Pickup: There are a lot of sites out there to help you sell your car, but what do you do with it once it's sold? Unless you're selling to a local buyer, you're going to have to figure out how to deliver your vehicle to its new owner. Websites that offer at-home vehicle pickup allow you to sell to buyers across the country without worrying how you're going to deliver the vehicle.

Selling Your Vehicle is Easier than Ever

These days, whether you're hoping to sell your vehicle 100% online or looking for a local buyer, selling your vehicle is simple and convenient.

Find the most hassle-free option for you so you can focus on taking your new ride for a spin instead of getting rid of your old one.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.