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The 4th Wedding: Fruit and Flowers

The 4th Wedding: Fruit and Flowers

Every married couple nowadays celebrates their wedding anniversary, even though the history books don’t clearly state when wedding anniversaries were first celebrated. Many believe that this tradition actually dates back to the Middle Ages. Back then, couples typically recognised their 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries only.

At the start of the 20th century, things started to change because six more anniversaries were celebrated, starting with the first year, and moving to the 5th and 10th, the 15th and 20th, and the 75th. In 1922, gift categories were assigned to each of these anniversaries. Years later, Jewellers of America created a list of gifts for the first 20 anniversaries, and this list is still used today, with the 4th being fruit and flower gifts.

Continue reading to learn more about the 4th anniversary, in particular, and to get some ideas for gifts you can give your spouse on your special day.

Why Fruits and Flowers?

You may be wondering why fruits and flowers were chosen as the symbolic gift for a couple’s 4th wedding anniversary. The idea behind this is that the relationship of a married couple is ripening a lot like a fruit, or blooming a lot like a flower, at this time. Also, fruit nourishes the human body, while flowers nourish people’s souls, so these can also symbolise the deeper, nurturing love that a couple shares as their commitment becomes stronger with each passing year of marriage to one another.

The Flower of Choice

Even though you can give your spouse any flowers you want, such as your wife’s favourite flowers in a neat bouquet, geranium is the flower that’s often recommended for this particular anniversary. This is because the flower can be a symbol of gentility and comfort.

A Combination of Fruits and Flowers

If you would like to combine fruits and flowers in your gift to your spouse, there are a variety of options at, where you can find both fruit gifts and flower gifts. Or you can visit your local farmer’s market to find your spouse’s favourite fresh fruits, along with freshly cut flowers. Or you could simply give your significant other a fruit basket that he or she will love to consume as you celebrate this special anniversary together.

Modern Versions of the Traditional Gifts

Are you and your spouse a really modern couple who prefers all of the most contemporary products and pastimes? Then rest assured that there is an equivalent modern gift option for the 4th wedding anniversary that can take the place of fruits and flowers: appliances. Though not as romantic, appliances can certainly be more helpful and will definitely last longer.

Like all wedding anniversaries, the 4th year is a very special one that should be recognised and celebrated. It represents a couple’s deep commitment to each other, and it can serve to renew their love for one another as well. Gift of fruits or flowers are great ways to celebrate and remember your wedding day as you look forward to more anniversaries together.

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