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Take Your Pets Diet to the Next Level with Gather

More and more people are turning to a healthier diet and lifestyle for themselves and their family. For many, that means going organic. But did you know that your pets can benefit from an organic diet as well?

Bayleigh's Diet

Bayleigh wants to tell you about Gather!

Take Your Pets Diet to the Next Level with Gather

Petcurean has a full line of foods for your pet. However, if you're looking to give your fur baby an organic diet, then you want Gather. This food is crafted from certified organic ingredients. Not only are they organic, but they're sustainably produced. That means that when they harvest the ingredients, that they do so in a way that protects our environment, animal welfare and more. Even the bag the food comes in is good for the environment!

Good for Pets Because They Leave Out the Bad

The folks at Petcurean know that our fur babies are family. Just like our human kids, we want what's best for them. So Gather is free from Genetically Modified Ingredients (non-GMO.) They also leave out all rendered ingredients and by-products. There's no antibiotics, or added growth hormones, as well as no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Oh, and they also left out wheat, corn, and soy. So if your pet has sensitivity to any of these, then Gather is perfect for him or her.

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All the Good

So as you can see, Gather has none of the bad stuff. What it does have is the all good. They use premium meats, sea foods, vegetables, and fruits. All from trusted sources. Their ingredients must meet the five pillars of their strict criteria.

  1. by following humane animal welfare practices
  2. by protecting water supplies and limiting water use
  3. Must protect farmer, rancher and producer livelihoods
  4. They must ensure the preservation of natural resources
  5. They must actively work to preserve biodiversity.

Gather comes in three tasty recipes for dogs

They have three yummy recipes for your canine companions. You can choose from Free Acres with Organic Free Run Chicken. They also have Endless Valley which is a vegan option. Last but not least Wild Ocean which is line caught cod for dogs.

If you have a kitty cat, then check out Gather's Free Run chicken recipe for your feline friend!

organic gather


What do we think?

I adore the ingredients of Gather's food. I also love that they keep out all of the nasty crap. My fur daughters are my babies, just like my human children and I only want what's best for them. But how did they like it? Well, since I have switched them to Gather Wild Ocean, I've been filling their bowls more frequently.

My girls have food down at all times because they eat a little here and there. Since trying Gather, they've been eating much more. Which means it must taste amazing! I have even caught by feline “granddaughter” eating their food!

To learn more head to their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.