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Swamp Kicks “Has Your Back” When You’re Doing Back-To-School Shopping For The Little Ones (And The Older Ones, Too)

School is fast approaching. If you have younger children at home, who are not yet attending school, sometimes they may look wistfully at the older children boarding the school bus. They'll sometimes voice their desire to attend school like the older kids. A perfect gift to help them feel special at this time can be a great idea. And, that perfect gift may be a backpack and matching lunch box to help the young child feel special like the older school children. Such items can also help them prepare for the idea of going to school in the future. Swamp Kicks has an adorable selection of unique backpacks and lunch boxes. Check them out and you'll see what I mean.

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I had the opportunity to try out Swamp Kicks' Rainbows & Stuff Kid's Red Small Leather School Backpack and the matching Children's Lunch Box. Both items are adorable, with colorful, cute drawings of animals, children, and whimsical items (including things from nature, various treats, and more).

An Adorable Backpack With Rainbows And Stuff

The backpack, which retails for $54.95, is available on the Swamp Kicks website. It is a smaller backpack, great for the younger children (the backpack's measurements are 9.05″(L) x 4.13″(W) x 10.63″(H)). This backpack would be perfect for children to use to pack items for a day trip or to pack their books for a vacation. They could also utilize it to play pretend school at home.

The backpack is made of polyurethane leather and has padded shoulder straps, which help provide comfort and are adjustable. The inside includes three pockets (including one with a zipper and one with a strap).

Don't Forget The Matching Lunch Box!

The coordinating Rainbows & Stuff Children's Lunch Box retails for $33.00 on the website (all prices subject to change). This plastic lunch box is free of BPA and measures 7.09″(L) x 4.72″(W) x 2.36″(H). It won't crack, chip, or warp and it won't stain or retain odors, according to the website. It's also safe for the microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and freezer. Plus, it has a large tab to aid little fingers in opening the lunch box.

According to the Swamp Kicks website, if you purchase two or more of any items in the Kids' collection (which includes sneakers, backpacks and lunch boxes) you can save. Discounts are applied at checkout. So, you can mix and match items for your children and save at the same time. You can go here to check out their selection of lunch boxes and backpacks. School will be here before you know it so head on over and see how Swamp Kicks can help you get your back-to-school shopping done!

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