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Summer Fashion Trends for 2019 (That Wont Break The Bank)

summer fashion

The good news is that summer is almost here. The even better news is that this year's summer fashion trends are looking amazing. There’s nothing quite like stepping into the summer sun while looking your absolute best, and while that sometimes means doing some real damage to your bank account, 2019 has some amazing options to check out that won’t make your purse angry at you. There are some diverse styles this year, so everyone is going to find something that suits their look. From trending prints to whole new styles, here are some of the best and most achievable fashion trends that your wardrobe should be rocking this summer.

Go Wild

Animal prints are the big trend this summer, and you can expect to see your favorite celebs incorporating leopard print ensembles over the next few months. The best thing about wearing something that shows your wild side is that you can go bold and brash with extravagant items, or opt for the more subtle look with some animal print accessories. From belts to dresses, pants to coats, choose the chic that suits you and let your animal instincts dominate your wardrobe.

Amazing ‘Athleisure’

This is quite a new trend, but it’s been growing in popularity over the last few years. 2019 looks set to be the year that more fashionistas than ever are going to combine the sportswear and fully tailored look. This is a delicate but striking look to get right, so you should be looking at tight-fitting blazers with add-ons like biking shorts. Of course, this isn’t the best look for the office, but if you want to hit the town looking like a catwalk model, then athleisure is easy to achieve and one of the most original and striking trends of the summer.

Summer Dresses

It sometimes seems as if the summer dress will never go out of fashion. If you’re still wearing your summer dress from last year, then you might want to consider heading over to Ulla Popken for some fresh new offerings. The best thing about the summer dress look is that it can be so versatile, so whether it's for work or a night on the town, or even just for relaxing in the garden with your besties, update your options and finish your look with some matching accessories.

Neo Goth

This has been an unexpected addition to the trends of the summer, but it’s a nice change of pace for those that prefer to avoid bold colors and animal prints. Neo Goth is certainly more of a street style than any of the other trends this year, but it’s amazingly simple to achieve. Mix and match your darkest clothes, and add whatever splashes make you feel comfortable. You could go for silver jewelry or purple accessories, but you can’t go wrong with some delightfully seductive red lipstick. This is a trend that won’t suit everyone, but if your fashion choices tend to drift to the dark side, then you’re set to be a fashion leader this summer.

Now is the time to start prepping your wardrobe for the warmest months. Catwalk trends come and go, but for keeping up with what real people are going to be wearing over the 2019 summer, these are where you should be looking for your own wardrobe. Adopt the latest trends, incorporate them into your style, and you’ll be the best-dressed fashion icon in your friend circle.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.