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Stocking Stuffers for Art Lovers

I have some great stocking stuffers for the art lovers on your holiday list. I love them, and I know your family and friends will too.

Stocking Stuffers for Art Lovers

Quarto Knows has such a wide selection of art related books. As a matter of fact, that’s where I get all of mine. I just discovered they have super handy lettering tins, that would make amazing stocking stuffers.

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Lettering Tins

Each tin contains cards that will show you how to do hand lettering. There are cards for each uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. (That’s fifty-four cards in total.) Each one shows you exactly how to create the letter you need, and there are even tip cards that will help you find the right tools to use. They’re super easy and perfect for beginners. Even if you’re not a novice at hand lettering, these cards would make a wonderful reminder. (If you’re old like me and sometimes forget.)

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Choose from Calligraphy or Art Deco Style Lettering

There are two style of hand lettering tins to choose from. Quarto Knows has Learn How to Create Modern Calligraphy by Shelly Kim. (In the video, this is the first style I chose.) The second tin set is Learn How to Create Art Deco Lettering (also by Shelly Kim.) This is one of my favorite style of art as well as architecture and was introduced in France before World War I. It’s simple yet elegant. Combining these two style together makes for beautiful work!

Perfect for Journals, Scrapbooks and Making Cards

Learning how to do hand lettering is fun and a great way to embellish your journals. You can also use it to add journaling blurbs in your scrapbooks. Oh, and if you enjoy making cards, then hand lettering makes them look fantastic!

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Since it’s the holidays, you could even grab some holiday themed scrapbook paper, and create your very own Christmas cards. Add some stickers, or glitter, and put your hand lettering skills to work.

To get these tins, and see the other books available at Quarto Knows, head to their website.

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