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Sparkling White for Valentines Day

Sparkling White for Valentines Day

I truly believe the saying that your smile is the first thing that a stranger notices and sets the tone for how you come across. I try very hard to maintain good oral hygiene, not only for my health but in my line of work, I talk to multiple people throughout the day and need to have fresh breath. With Colgate Optic White Stain-less White toothpaste, I can do just that. However, this toothpaste doesn’t just keep your breath fresh, it will also leave your teeth sparkling white for Valentines Day.

Colgate Optic White Stain-less White toothpaste

This toothpaste by Colgate will be released in stores this month (January). It uses Hydrogen Peroxide to remove deep-set stains from various things like coffee, wine, and soda with continued use. It will also start to work in just three days! On top of that, it is safe for daily use, protects your tooth enamel and has fluoride which is anti-cavity protection.

Colgate optic white

Why Colgate

I have always loved to use Colgate products. Using a toothpaste that works to remove hard stains just while you brush is terrific. No need to use whitening strips and whitening gel (allow they do offer those and they are great as well). My mouth always stays minty fresh and feels clean throughout the day and let’s just be honest, that is all you want when you are working and when you go out with your significant other for a special date. Not to mention, your teeth will look fantastic in those pictures!

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