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Sound Sleep Secrets: 7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Bring Comfort Back to Your Bedroom

A bedroom should be a retreat.

A place for comfort and sound sleep, as well as quiet reading or study. Kids and teenagers generally have the right idea when it comes to making their bedrooms into personalized havens (minus, of course, the dirty laundry composting on the floor). Comfort and aesthetics generally go hand in hand, and there are simple ways in which you can give your bedroom a greater sense of comfort and tranquility on a budget, to ensure you get the deep, sound sleep that you need and deserve.

Sound Sleep Secrets: 7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Bring Comfort Back to Your Bedroom

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We could all do with a better night’s sleep and making rest a priority when designing your bedroom is the first step to a good, deep sleep. The harmony of the design in your room plays a part in this and harmonizing the elements of the room and decluttering it will help you sleep sounder. Try to blend each aspect of the room with a design through line for a harmonious finish, so that when you walk into your room you immediately feel a sense of calm.

Bed Canopies

Coziness, comfort, and privacy help us sleep better.

A relatively simple and budget friendly way to increase the comfort level and aesthetic value of your room is by adding a bed canopy. Your kids will also love the cubby house effect provided by bed canopies, so browse a range of kids curtains and find something to suit the personality of your child, whether they are a princess or a pirate.

Throw a Blanket On

Throws, blankets, and extra pillows all create the look (and feel) of comfort, plus they can really add a great stylistic addition to any bedroom. The trick is to go for cozy textures and soft patterns to add a nice finish to your bedspread.


On the topic of cozy textures and patterns – the use of textiles in bedspreads, cushions, wallpapers, and rugs, make a room feel cozier than flat or bold colors. A reupholstered chair with a nice textile design in the corner of the room can do wonders for the overall coziness of a bedroom, and your choice of textile adds a flavor of your personality.

Soft Lighting

Bright lights are the last thing you want in your place of comfort and sleep.

Put a few shaded lamps on either side of the bed or around the room, rather than having a bright overhead light to create softer lighting. If you really want an overhead light, make it dimmable to help induce a sound sleeping environment.

DIY Elements

Your bedroom should reflect your personality and be a place of sanctuary, so avoid cold, straight-from-a-catalogue looking rooms with no sense of comfort. Refurbishing an old chair, finding a delight in an antique store or creating a nightstand from your grandmother’s sewing machine; these personal touches add some of your personality to the room and therefore make it more comfortable. Another way to add your own personal touch to your bedroom is to learn how to make DIY pillow beds here

Books and Reading Nooks

I love books, and I find their presence offers a certain level of comfort.

Each read book holds a world of people and places that often become dear to you. So, having a small built in or stand alone bookshelf in your bedroom can be a nice addition to its personality. You can also try creating a little reading nook complete with rugs and a cozy chair by the window for those lazy Sunday afternoons. Reading nooks are an especially good idea for children’s rooms, offering a cozy space for quiet times.

Rearrangements and small additions can make a world of difference to the coziness of your bedroom. Sometimes just decluttering and making better use of the space available is all that is needed for a good night’s rest.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.