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Solitaire Anywhere!

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I remember learning to play Solitaire when I was younger.  My grandfather taught me when I had complained that I had nobody to play cards with or my sister refused to play with me and I was bored.  

Since that time whenever I was bored and had no one to play with I played Solitaire.  I remember at work when I was bored I would play the Solitaire game on my computer.  I was obsessed with it.  

It would pass the work time when there was nothing to do and made my day go quicker.  Of course, it being on the computer meant that I could only play it when I was at work at the computer. Not anymore.

Solitaire Anywhere!

Solitaire by MobilityWare is available on the App Store now which means I can play it wherever and whenever I want.  It is fun and it is easy. Best of all, since it is available at the touch of a screen, I can play it if I am waiting in a doctor’s office, trying to pass some time, or especially during the holiday season unwinding after a busy day. In fact, it is so easy to play that it keeps your children occupied while you are trying to bake those cookies or cook that holiday dinner or keeps your husband busy while you are trying on dresses at the store to wear to a party.

Solitaire Anywhere!

You will never get bored either, as every day they have a new Daily Challenge.  Just think, every day after your busy day you can sit down, put your feet up, and you will have a brand new challenge waiting for you to solve and help you unwind (and keep your mind sharp).  If you already did the daily challenge and still want more, check out the themes they have.

Solitaire Anywhere!

This Solitaire game is also multiplayer.  Sure you can play by yourself but you can also challenge others to compete against each other with the same exact hand, and if you can even compete against random players so there is always someone to compete against.  Myself, I am famous for my being up in the middle of the night.  Unfortunately, most people are sleeping when I am up so being able to play with random people ensures that I will always have someone to play against whenever I want.  It also calms my mind down so I can get back to bed when my mind is racing and that is when I cannot sleep.

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