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Religious Christmas Cards For Everyone On Your List

This post is a partnership with Nakturnal!
 Christmastime is a busy time for the mail service with all the religious Christmas cards they deliver.  Actually, Christmastime is a fun time to get mail because chances are you will be getting more Christmas cards than bills coming! It is always nice to open up a nice card from someone.  My favorite ones are the ones that have the personal pictures on them.  It’s nice to see how children have grown or just a nice family portrait.

This post is a partnership with Nakturnal

I always give a Christmas card with my daughter on it from the time she was born so every year there is a different Christmas card with her picture on it and it is a fun way for me to also document her year by year.  Much of my family and friends live out of state so we do not get to see them often so it is nice for them to get a nice picture every year for Christmas.  

Whether I want one picture or cannot decide (I remember one year I had so many good pics I could not possibly choose just one) and want to use more than one, the option is available for just one or more.  They also have folded cards (I prefer personally the ones that are like postcards, just a front and a back – people love to put them up on refrigerators!).  

I could buy cards and fill them out, but it is very monotonous to write everyone’s name and then signing it over and over and over again.  Having the cards printed and sent just makes my life a whole lot easier and I do not have to have a cramped hand from writing out so many cards.

This post is a partnership with Nakturnal

Since everything is done online, I can personalize the cards and then just have them printed up and sent.  Then I just need to mail them and they even give you the option of printing the envelopes for you so it cannot be any easier to send out Christmas cards.  The hardest part will be deciding which picture (or pictures) you want to use.  The only thing that could be easier is if you have somebody put the cards in the envelopes for you and stamp them!

Save your time and energy for the shopping, baking, and wrapping – make your Christmas cards the easiest task ever and give the people on your Christmas card list something to smile about with a wonderful personalized picture of yourself, your family, your child, or even your pets!

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