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Simple Rules Of 2020: How To Take Care Of Vape Pen

Issues that Vaping Industry Faces

The vaping industry is experiencing a crisis for the first time since its popularization.

Now, more and more government agencies and private research institutions emphasize the harmfulness of vape and try to reduce the impact of the industry on the population.

The problem of teenage vaping became especially popular.

Back in the days when a vape pen was considered a healthy alternative to smoking, many teens were able to persuade their parents to buy them such a device.

Until now, despite the statements of activists, the trend of vaping among schoolchildren and students continues.

All these discussions about whether to ban vaping and whether it is possible to use it safely are quite tedious.

Today we will not consider the formal advantages or disadvantages of vape pens because many people have chosen to consume e-liquid through vape devices.

Simple Rules Of 2020: How To Take Care Of Vape Pen

This article will explain how to use a vaping device properly not to harm yourself or other people.

Moreover, some extra tips on how to keep your device functioning properly for many years will be covered.

Vaping Devices: The Best Choice

First, it is worth noting that a vape pen today is something more than cigarettes, which we know from the beginning of the last century.

The devices have indeed undergone many changes in the names, the substances used for vaping, the design, and the technical details that make up the device.

Currently, the most popular option for cigarettes is vape mods.

They are easy to use, relatively cheap, transportable, stylish, and user friendly, which is why they have captured the hearts of many modern vapers.

The only problem with their popularity in use is that their operating time is reduced due to their frequent use.

The problem is not in the quality of the device itself.

It is clear that even the best box mod vape has a depreciation period.

Of course, as with any other technologies, vape mods require special care.

So, we present three key points in the process of taking care of vape devices that will help increase their vitality.


The most crucial point is the hygiene of the device.

Just as we take care of our hygiene (take a shower, brush our teeth, comb our hair), we must take care of our device's hygiene.

This is important because of at least two reasons.

Firstly, although it is very selfish, the cleanliness of our devices affects our hygiene.

When using the vape mod, our respiratory organs and oral cavity are directly affected.

The microbes in the mouthpiece and vapor get into our mouth, bronchi, trachea, and lungs.

Secondly, the dirtiness of the device can negatively affect its performance.

For example, individual untreated particles can clog the space for vapor movement, so the device can overheat, leading to further catastrophic consequences.

In general, the hygiene of the device is extremely important.

Moreover, cleaning the device should be performed on a regular basis.

Even the best box mod cannot clean itself.

A vape mod is relatively easy to clean because they are simple and easy to use and quickly taken apart.

Special oil is used when assembling the device at the factory.

It is the substance that prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust in the device.

It actually takes up to half an hour to clean your device, as well as a towel or microfiber cloth, Q-tip, and a special alcohol solution for cleaning devices.

As for the cleaning process itself, you should follow all the recommendations given in a particular model's instructions.


Ever since the release of the first mobile phones, humankind has been concerned about the problem of adequately charging these devices.

Charging technologies have changed, improved, but still, not everyone is literate on this issue.

The question concerns not only mobile phone owners but also the vapers.

Unfortunately, due to improper charging of the devices, many batteries get on the blink.

Thus, the device cannot work, and you have to either buy another one or to change the battery.

The latter can be dangerous because another battery can malfunction and even explode, threatening a vaper's life.

Firstly, it is vital to charge the battery before it is completely discharged.

Moreover, it should be charged only when the charge is half less the percentage.

It is also recommended to perform regular battery diagnostics to avoid troubles and ensure that the possible battery failure does not affect the device itself.

It is especially important to check the batteries of the best vape mod for clouds, as they are usually more powerful.

It is recommended that you carry an extra battery to use the device is out of the house even when the device is almost discharged.


Elements of nature are all around us.

Starting from microorganisms, which we do not see, and finishing with the leaves, feathers, dust that is always flying around us in the air.

A protective carrying case is a good option for those who take care of their vape mods and do not want to have it damaged.

The choice of cases is quite broad.

You can find all types and colors of cases in specialized brand vape shops and on hardly trustworthy web sites.

However, having your vape mod protected from dust is not enough.

It is vital to understand that the device works from electricity and should not be exposed to heat or humidity.

Getting too hot or wet can serve as a negative point in the longer run.

In addition, never forget to keep the devices far from small children and pets.

Both can either damage the device or get damaged itself.

Hundreds of cases of small children and pets getting poisoned with e-liquid were registered.

Summing up the information above, the key points to take care of your device is to check the functional properties on a regular basis and to avoid natural and human-made effects on the device.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.