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7 Simple Tips That Will Help You Decorate Your Living Room In 2021

During 2020, as most people sheltered at home, living rooms have been transformed into multifunctional spaces that mixed entertainment, education, and work. 

The living room has always been the most trafficked room in your house, but in 2020 it got a little extra love, and because of wear and tear, it needs an updo.

Since parties and concerts were prohibited, you spent the bulk of your time entertaining yourself in front of the TV, relaxing on the couch, and practicing yoga on the rug. 

If you started thinking about redecorating the living room, it might feel overwhelming to put together the pieces to create a harmonious space that feels appealing and welcoming.

But don’t get overwhelmed just yet; With a little guidance and shopping at a furniture store in the Houston Sugar Land area, you’ll be able to give your living room the makeover it’s been needing.

Read the following tips to find out what steps you need to follow in the process. 

7 Simple Tips That Will Help You Decorate Your Living Room In 2021

1. Measure the living room

No matter what new items you want to bring inside into the living room or how you want to arrange the furniture, make sure you measure the living room, know where you want to place each item and its size before ordering it. You cannot memorise all these details, so use a notebook to write them down and consult the information when necessary.

Look online for a handy guide that provides recommendations on the minimum and maximum sizes each article should have because rules offer good guidance.

However, if you feel the couch or rug should be larger or smaller than the guide recommends, do what works best for you and what's pleasing for the eye because you're the only one who needs to feel comfortable in your living room. 

2. Choose a paint colour

Picking the right wall paint colour is something you may struggle with because you can easily go wrong and alter the room's overall vibe.

To avoid making a costly mistake, choose first the large pieces for the living room and then the colour for the walls.

The paint colour works as a background for the furniture and decorations, so pick something that helps you create a cohesive look.

Paint may not be the most expensive supply you buy, but why waste money on something you won't use?

If you leave the paint colour for the end, you ensure you choose the right hue. 

3. Don't overlook the lighting

It shouldn't surprise you to find out that lighting is a complex element of any home décor project.

For the living room, it's less so than in the kitchen or another utilitarian room, but you shouldn't ignore it because it changes the space' atmosphere.

Ensure that you include all three main types of lighting accent, task, and ambient in the room to make it cosy and functional.

Place the light sources at different levels throughout the room, according to their use.

Hang overhead chandeliers above socialising areas, table and floor lamps close to tables and desks, and recessed lighting over the centre of the room. 

7 Simple Tips That Will Help You Decorate Your Living Room In 2021

4. Learn how to arrange the furniture in the living room

Don't stress yourself if you don't know how to arrange the furniture in the living room because most homeowners don't.

Often people pick the simplest scheme, push the couch against a wall, place a coffee table in the front, and a couple of chairs or flowerpots on the sides. That's it, a functional and easy-to-put-together living room.

But if you want to do it like a pro, the task requires a little more planning.

You need to identify the focal point, consider the traffic flow, and create a conversation area.

If you also use the living room as your home office, determine where the best place to install the desk to benefit from natural lighting when working. 

5. Install a rug

Placing a rug in the living room can prove challenging when you don't know how to arrange the items.

There are many reasons to use a rug in the living room, but before buying one because you like its colour or pattern, ensure you know the rules of creating rugs areas.

The most important factor to consider when creating a rug area is the size.

If you choose a too small carpet, you can make the space look disjointed, so research to find out what the best size for your living room is.

The way you arrange the furniture influences the rug size.

All furniture items should sit on top of the rug, and you should leave from 10 to 20 inches of bare floor between the walls and the rug. 

6. Work with an interior designer

Your living room should reflect your personality and function in the way that works best for your lifestyle.

But if you lack design knowledge, it may sound impossible to accomplish this goal.

You want your living room to look like those you admire on Pinterest, but the truth is those spaces are curated and planned by professionals.

So instead of wasting time and money trying to decorate it yourself, hire an interior designer to help you.

Now, you may think that you cannot work with one because the pandemic restrictions prohibit you from socialising with other people than your family.

Well, you can hire an interior designer that counsels you via the Internet.

You send pictures, measurements, and additional information about the living room, and they send back the design in pdf format.

You can later use a tool like PDFChef to merge the files and put together the recommendations they send.

They can even order the furniture and decorations for you and have them delivered to your house.           

7 Simple Tips That Will Help You Decorate Your Living Room In 2021

The latest set of trends can offer you all the inspiration you need to upgrade the space.

Whether you want to redefine the entire space with the colours of the year, ultimate grey and illuminating, or invest in a more comfortable couch, checking the latest trends can help you make the most of the room.

The latest trends have something for every homeowner, no matter if you prefer earthy colours, bold shades, succulents, leafy plants, or multicoloured decorations. 

These are our tips if you want to revamp your living room in 2021.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.