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Shield Your Skin from Environmental Assaults That Cause Aging

The summer sun is at its hottest because it’s closest to the Earth. That means more damage to your skin. UVA and UVB rays can wreak havoc on us. Not only causing painful burns, but causing us to age, and creating unsightly dark spots. That’s where  IllumaBoost™ Brightening & Shield comes in.

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Shield Your Skin from Environmental Assaults That Cause Aging

If you’re looking for top-notch facial skin protection, then you need to check out  IllumaBoost™ Brightening & Shield. This fantastic booster is chock full of good stuff to boost your night or day facial skin care regimen. All you need to do is add a few pumps to your morning or evening creams and apply to your face.


What does it do?

IllumaBoost™ Brightening & Shield works to brighten your skin’s appearance, making you appear more youthful. It also helps even your skin tone, and fights the appearance of discoloration and skin damage caused by nasty environmental pollution. When added to your current day or night cream,  IllumaBoost™ Brightening & Shield even helps plump and moisturize your skin. Ideal for all skin types, nd dermatologist tested.

The Good Stuff

Wondering what’s in this wonder cream? It contains Phytolumina which is a proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients to help skin look brighter, more radiant. Kombucha Ferment is made from fermented tea and has a host of benefits for your skin. Niacinamide is well-known for evening out skin tone. It also contains Green Tea which is a well-known antioxidant that helps guard against environmental damage. IllumaBoost™ also has Glycerin. It’s a skin humectant derived from lipids that absorbs moisture and supports skins natural barrier. Another fantastic ingredient is Hydrolized Sodium Hyluronate that is naturally found in your skin. This stuff binds water to the skin for volume a firmness.


Where to buy

I’ve definitely noticed the dark spots on my face are fading, which is huge for me, because I really hate those spots! (I always use sunblock, but I still have been getting those ugly spots!) Don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself. You can get it HERE from Nerium International. Be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter too.

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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