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Shave in a Pinch, Wherever You Are

You ever go somewhere in the summer, and happen to notice a patch of stubble you missed on your legs? I have, and it stinks! Sometimes you need to shave in a pinch, wherever you are. But who carries a razor or shave gel?

Shave in a Pinch, Wherever You Are

Come on ladies, we all know you’ve missed spots when shaving. It happens. (If you’re me, it happens a lot because I don’t wear my glasses in the tub or shower.) So what are we to do when we notice a hairy patch at work, school, or even worse, on a date? We head to restroom, and whip out our Sphynx. (First, grab yours here.)

Pinch 1

All In One

Sphynx is an all in one shaving system that fits nicely in your purse, back pack, gym bag, and more. It has everything you need to shave in a pinch. Sphynx is a portable razor, with a refillable water spray bottle, and moisturizing pre-shave bar. That means you can quickly shave without getting razor bumps.

pinch 2

Touch up your ankles, knees or pits. You can even use it to touch up your bikini area before a romantic rendezvous. Sphynx is great for travel, the gym, or wherever you may roam. It comes in four nice colors too, because why shouldn’t a razor be pretty?

pinch 4



Okay, so razors get dull (or rusty from oxidation,) and need to be replaced. Which is why your Sphynx razor is replaceable. They also have replacements for the pre-shave moisturizing bar too. Of course, the water spray bottle is refillable, so you’re always good to go there.

Spin to Use

I love the convenience of Sphynx. When I first saw it, the shape of it reminded me of the very first time I shaved with my sister’s Flicker Razor. Then I popped the top off and saw how easy it as to use, and I was in love. You spin it to access each part. Spin to spray, then spin to moisturize, then spin to shave. That’s it, and it’s so awesome!

To learn more, and grab some, click here. These will make amazing stocking stuffers for all the ladies on your list!) Follow via Facebook and Instagram too.

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