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Innovative Clothing and Wearable Skincare

This holiday season give her the gift of innovative clothing and wearable skincare. She’ll not only look great, but feel amazing too!

Innovative Clothing and Wearable Skincare

Clothing should not just look awesome, but it should feel wonderful too. SKINEEZ is just that. Their garments deliver all natural and healthy nutrients to your skin while you’re wearing them. Each piece of clothing is pre-treated prior to purchase for up to ten washings. Then, just re-treat your clothing. Easy peasy!

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Clinically Proven to Firm and Slim

SKINEEZ garments are clinically proven to firm and slim her body. They include shea butter which not only hydrates the body but also has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Apricot Kernel Oil repairs the skin as well as nourishes it to promote cell renewal. (It’s great for acne prone skin too.) Rose Hip Oil reduces fine lines and wrinkles as well as scaring. Retinol (also known as vitamin A) revitalizes the skin while recovering and restoring broken tissues. Last but not least, vitamin E hinders the aging process, improves elasticity, and fights free radicals. In just one hour of wearing SKINEEZ garment, women have their skin is firmer and smoother!

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What to Wear

SKINEEZ has Miracle Toning Boy Shorts, Camisoles, Thigh Smoothers, Capris, and even footless tights. I have a pair of their capris. (I’m super short, so for me they are full length leggings, unless I pull them up some.) I LOVE these things!

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I tried them on the other day and was immediately in love. I didn’t want to take them off. I’m a larger woman, and they still look amazing on me. Unlike other yoga style pants, they don’t accentuate my every bulge. Like I seriously feel like I look great in them!

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Not to mention they’re so super cozy! I love to wear comfy clothing, but I don’t want to wear jammies every day. Nor do I want to look like a slob just because I want to be comfortable. Thanks to SKINEEZ, I look and feel wonderful!

To see all of their garments, and get started on your holiday shopping, click here. Follow via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too.

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