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Seaweed Snack Chips are Not Only Healthy But Tasty Too!

    Looking for snack options for upcoming barbecues, picnics, vacation and more? Look no further than GimMe Snacks. They have seaweed snacks that are not only tasty, but they’re good for you too. Read on to learn more.

Seaweed Snack Chips and More

    Did you know that seaweed is super good for you? Like many other vegetables it’s low in calories. These marine veggies are a great source of natural and essential nutrients too. It’s full of vitamin K, Calcium, Fiber, and Iron, just to name a few. In fact, seaweed has the highest density of vitamins and minerals than other vegetable on the planet. Asian cultures have been partaking in seaweed and other sea veggies for centuries, and it’s finally catching on here in the USA.

Seaweed Snacks

    That’s why GimMe Snacks believes in bringing you seaweed snacks. They believe in it so much that they even donate their snacks to school lunch programs and food banks, so all children can enjoy the flavor and health benefits of seaweed.

Organic Snacking Made Simple

    Grab a bag of GimMe Organic Seaweed Chips and enjoy a simple, healthy snack! They have four flavors to choose from. Sea Salt, Wasabi Tamari, Sriracha, and Teriyaki. All of them are made with organic seaweed, lentils, and millet. A crispy, crunchy, and tasty snack for the entire family.

Roasted Seaweed

    GimMe Snacks also has roasted organic seaweed sheets. They come in snacking size, and large size too (perfect for wrapping veggies and rice for snacking on the go). Made from high quality harvested seaweed, then roasted to a crispy perfection, and lightly seasoned. You can choose from Teriyaki, Sea Salt, Wasabi, and Toasted Sesame.

seaweed snacks chips

Follow the Sea Turtle

    Did you know that a green sea turtle (one of my most favorite of all turtles) can live to be one hundred years old? They sure can, and do you know what they eat? Seaweed. They eat a diet chock full of seaweed,  green algae, and sea grass. The fact that they live so long is why many cultures use the green sea turtle to symbolize longevity.

seaweed snacks for turtles too

Where to buy

    To get your seaweed snacking on, head to GimMe Snacks website. Be sure to show them some love on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.