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Sanitize All Of Your Essentials With Ease Using A Revolutionary Sanitizer

Making it through adulthood will also be a challenge for everyone, and that’s a part of life. For the most part you havea ton of responsibilities.

Especially when you start a family, those responsibilities will grow in number.

As a parent you want to be able to do whatever’s best for you and your family. Which means keeping everyone healthy, safe, and happy. While that is the goal its not going to be the easiest of task to handle.

There are several properties of safety you have to take a second to think about.

One thing that you should consider doing is keeping the essentials of your home sanitized.

That includes everything from toys to electrics around the house. Although, when it comes to sanitizing things, it may seem like your options are limited. You want something that can sanitize everything without limits.

Thinking about that, its time you were introduced to a revolutionary sanitizer that works in your favor!

Sanitize Your Essentials With Ease

When searching for a sanitizer, you want the best sanitizer and dryer you could ever own.

Sanitize All Of Your Essentials With Ease Using A Revolutionary Sanitizer

Well you are in luck, because the Coral UV 2 will be headed our way pretty soon! This is going to be the world’s one and only UV Sanitizer that sanitizes, filtrates, and smart-dries.

The Coral UV 2 is going to be just the device you’ve been hoping to come across to help you in your time of need. Its capable of handling three crucial tasks:

  1. Sanitize – Eradicates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and fungus with powerful UV-C LED technology, in just 10 minutes!
  2. Filtrate – Commercial-grade HEPA filtration. Capturing up to 99% of airborne contaminants such as PM 2.5.
  3. Smart-Dry – Temperature heats up to 140F. Ensuring a safe temperature to dry items without damaging them.

Having this device would come in handy for any of your needs, plus its safe and easy to use as well.

Improper disposal of mercury uv lamps can cause serious environmental damage. Coral UV 2 uses longer-lasting LED bulbs which improves sanitation performance, while protecting our planet.

You can place this anywhere in your home too. Items that you thought were uncleanable or difficult to clean can be easily handled with this device!

Sanitize All Of Your Essentials With Ease Using A Revolutionary Sanitizer

As for features, there are plenty of them to go around including the following:

  • Lifespan with >10 years of usage
  • Capacity that fits 11 bottles of Pierrer waters
  • Effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungus
  • And More!

Passing up on a chance to grab yourself one of thses would be crazy.

Now, the Coral UV LED Sanitizer and Dryer launches for presale on April 7th and lasts through May 12th on Kickstarter! The early bride price is $119, and the Kickstarter special is $129.

You can stay up to date with any additional information by signing up here.

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