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Safety Tips When Using Wood for Grilling

fire and wood burning

Wood is perfect for grilling. You save electricity because you only use wood for a fire and it also adds a smoky flavor on whatever you’re grilling. The only problem is that using wood may cause a fire hazard, so these tips will help ensure that things remain safe while you grill.

Do it outdoors

The outdoor area is for grilling and it’s easier to put out the fire when you’re outside; it won’t damage other items at home too. Besides, you don’t want your house to smell like a barbecue even after you finished eating the grilled dishes. If you can’t afford to build an outdoor kitchen, you can look for an outdoor location where it’s safe enough to grill. Stay away from trees and grass since they could easily burn.

Keep the grill clean

Make sure that the grill stays clean. Periodic cleaning is essential to prevent grease fires. Apart from the grill, you also need to clean anything that you use for cooking including the pan, lid, and grates. You will also extend the life of your grilling equipment with regular cleaning.

Avoid using a lighter fluid

To start the fire, you need to use a chimney starter. It’s safer than lighter fluid and besides, a lighter fluid gives off a weird taste on your dish. A chimney starter is cheaper and easier to use for starting a wood fire.

Dress appropriately

Make sure that you choose the right clothing to stay safe. Avoid clothes with dangling sleeves or strings since they could catch fire. You also need to avoid wearing clothes made from highly flammable materials. Don’t wear anything too loose since the wind could easily blow it towards the direction of the fire. It’s also best to take off fashion accessories when grilling.

Never let your kids grill

Grilling is an activity reserved for adults and in fact, not all adults can do the job well – you can’t expect your kids to do the job, however. You can teach them the basics of cooking, but you have to start with simple tasks. Kids could easily hurt themselves when they stay close to the grill.

Always be ready

You won’t know what would happen while you grill. Therefore, it helps if you have the fire extinguisher close by. Never put out a fire with water since it’s not going to work. Make sure that you know how to use the extinguisher before spraying it on the fire.

Understand your equipment

You need to understand the equipment used for grilling to ensure that everything goes well. You can also quickly turn it off when things get out of control. You will also have an idea if the equipment is malfunctioning, so you can avoid using it first.

If you’re ready to grill, you can choose bulk log delivery so that you can get started immediately. Grilling is a fun activity and it produces sumptuous dishes. However, you can’t forget safety as you grill. You don’t want to place anyone at risk.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.