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Red Heart 2015 Review



I am a huge crafter and one of my favorite craft is crocheting. Crocheting has been in my family for years. My mom and grandma used to crochet but not like I do. I can crochet for hours and do a ton of different things. I have crocheted since my early 20’s, my sister in law was the one who taught me and I have been in love ever since. So you could imagine how excited I was to be able to do a review of Red Heart 2015 new items.

When I received my box I couldn’t wait to open it and check out what was inside. When I opened the box I first got a look at the yarn that was in the box. I received Infinity Yarn, Twilight Yarn, and also Susan Bates Digital Row Counter. I couldn’t believe the awesome crochet goodies that I got to review.

The first two Items that I reviewed was the Twilight Yarn (Romantic #9948) and the Susan Bates Row Counter. The Twilight Yarn is awesome to work with. It is thick like bulky yarn but also soft and manageable. I have worked with bulky yarn in the past and have had a hard time managing it and not being so easy to work with. I loved the colors of the Romantic yarn the tan, black and burgundy, and the thread that also runs through it. I received one ball of the yarn and I couldn’t wait to use it. As soon as I seen it I knew that I was going to make a case for my kindle. It was a simple pattern that I made up. All I did was make a square and folded it in and sewed up the sides. I attached a loop and a button to it and ta dadah it was a kindle case. The type of yarn makes it look elegant and I thought to myself it could be a hand bag as well all I would have to do is attach a liner. Now while I was making my case for my kindle I was also using my Susan Bates Digital row counter. What I love about this is that it has a belt-like band on it and fits all of my fingers.


I tried the Digital Counter on my thumb, but I didn’t care much for it there. I switched it to my middle finger adjusted the band and off I went crocheting away. It stayed on my finger till the end of my project. I have bought tonnes of counters but by far this the best one that I have found and I love it. I  recommend it to all my crochet and knitting friends. The best part is it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy.


I used the Infinity yarn (Enchanted #9530) and I used it to make a necklace. The Necklace was very simple to make and the counter made it so much easier to keep track of how many stitches I had done seeing as the pattern called for 600 single crochet chain. I loved making the necklace and I made all of these in one night.


I also got an awesome heavy duty Red Heart tote to carry all of my projects in. It is a heavy gray and black canvas with nylon white handles and nylon for the seams. Which means that it won’t fall apart or come lose like a lot of bags I have had. It has four pockets in the front, two big and two small ones. Of course mine are all full because I apparently think of everything I might need to have in it. I love my new tote and I know you will too.

20150602_191101 Not sure why my picture came out brown and blue but its grey and red .


If you are looking for that perfect gift for some who crochets or knits then I would suggest grabbing a few of the new yarns and one of the Susan Bates digital row counter.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.