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Be Ready for National Relaxation Day with Kneipp

    If you didn’t know that National Relaxation Day is August 15th, then you do now. For me, there’s no better way to relax than a nice hot bath, a book (or Netflix,) and no kids! Since I like to use stuff that’s good for my body, I turn to Kneipp.


Be Ready for National Relaxation Day with Kneipp

    I love Kneipp’s products. I personally have a bunch in my bathroom right now. They have everything from body wash, shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt soaks, massage oils, and more. When I’m looking for relaxation, I pamper myself with an at home spa experience. 

Draw a bath

    For me, I start by drawing a nice, hot bath. Sometimes I add Kneipp bath oils, bath salts, or I opt for a bubble bath. They have blends for sore joints and muscles, for relaxing, or to even help you fall asleep at night. If you have a cold or your sinuses are wonky, they even have Eucalyptus products to help you feel more human!

    Since we’re talking about National Relaxation Day, I would suggest their Lavender Mineral Bath Salts. Let the all natural Lavender clear your mind, and soak your worries away. After you’re done with your soak, wash your body with their Relaxing Lavender Body Wash. I love this stuff! Both are all natural, and Vegan friendly as well!


Dry Skin?

    If you’re giving yourself an at home spa experience, and you have dry skin, then you have to try Kneipp’s Sensual Seduction Sugar Body Scrub. It’s made from fig milk and argan oil. Once you’ve washed your skin, rub this scrub on your dry areas, or your hands, arms, feet, and legs. It gently sloughs off dead skin cells, and nourishes the rest. I adore it, and use it daily on my heels, and every other day or so on my arms and legs.


At Home Massage?

    If your spouse or significant other wants to get in on National Relaxation Day, then I suggest one of Kneipp’s many massage oils. Maybe take turns giving each other a nice massage. You can choose from their Arnica Joint and Muscle Blend, Lavender Relaxing, Devil’s Claw Back Comfort, and  Almond Blossom Soft Skin. 

    In honor of preparing for International Relaxation Day, there will be a promotion where ALL Kneipp Oils will be 50% between August 11th and August 13th

To see all of the products Kneipp offers, click HERE. 

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