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Are You Ready For the Best Cocktail Party

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Are you ready for the best Cocktail Party? No party is complete or fun without a game. That’s where Cocktail Farty comes in.

the best party game

Are you ready for the best cocktail party

The holidays are coming. That means many of us will be hosting parties. Even if you’re not hosting, I’m willing to bet you’ll be attending at least one in all your pretty party wear. Whether you’re hosting or attending, a party with games is so much more fun and memorable. So let me introduce Cocktail Farty.

The ultimate get to know you game

Cocktail Farty is the perfect game for any gathering. Use it for a fun way for your guests to get to better know one another. Utilize it to start enjoyable conversations. Use to have good time. However you use it, get ready to laugh, create memories, bond with family, and forge closer friendships.

party game

This game helps you to ease nervous tension, and create more meaningful conversations with your guest. The cards start out by asking guests their favorite movies or television shows, their hopes and dreams, and so on. Then it gets explosive. With questions such are whether their farts are loud, or silent but deadly. These are the types of questions my boys personally love. The ones that make you squirm.

Four types of cards

Cocktail Farty has four different types of cards. Shake It Up, Stir It Up, On The Rocks, and Explosive. As you may have guessed, Explosive are the funny and embarrassing cards. Each card is an “all play” card, which means everyone gets a chance to answer the card’s question. Because F.A.R.T. means Friends Admitting Real Truths, and lets face it, everyone farts. (If we didn’t, we would explode as my son says!)

four cards

There are one hundred and fifty cards in the game. They come in a toilet paper shaped game container too. How fun is that? Age range is for ten and up, so you can even play Cocktail Farty for Family Game Night. The holidays are coming, and we think this game would make the perfect gift for families on your list.

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