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Make Thanksgiving a Bit More Fun for the Family

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

I love getting together with family for Thanksgiving. I enjoy watching the dog show with my cousins and our kids. What I don’t enjoy is the football. I know I’m probably in the minority, but I just hate it. It’s not even the game, it’s the announcers talking through the whole thing. Anyway, I wanted a way to make Turkey Day a bit more fun. So I discovered Story Bowl.

Fun thanksgiving game

Make Thanksgiving a Bit More Fun for the Family

Instead of suffering through football, grab Story Bowl, and round-up your family! You’ll need four or more players, and the more, the better! The game takes about thirty minutes to an hour. You’ll be yelling and shouting, playing charades and more. This game is definitely for the family that likes to be loud and have fun. (Which means it’s perfect for my family.)

Basically you’ll be acting out three word micro stories that are true and your own. There are three rounds. Round one you can speak anything NOT on the card. In round two you have to act out the card. (You can’t speak in this round.) Round three is where you Squeak! You can only say ONE word! After all of the fun is done, your family members can then talk about their stories, which makes for great family bonding.

story bowl game

Story Bowl is the Super Bowl of Family Fun

This game will have you all laughing and you’ll be creating memories that will last for years. It’s charades with a personal twist. You’ll learn more about your family and friends, and laughs will ensue. Spice up any holiday party, or your weekly game night with Story Bowl. I’ll be taking our game to my parents next weekend, and Liam already plans to play it when we have his “cousins Christmas party.”

story bowl cards

Where to get yours

You can get your Story Bowl game on Amazon. And since you’re faithful followers of Kelly’s Thoughts on Things, the game creators made you guys a special coupon code! With this code you will save 15% off your game (expires by October 17th.) Use F2M3GOF3 for your discount.


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