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Raising Children Varies Greatly in Other Cultures

    Something I think every parent can attest to is that parenthood isn't easy. Though I think we can all agree that it's worth it. The way that we rear our children varies greatly to how other cultures raise theirs. 

Raising Children Surprising Insights from Other Cultures

    There isn't one set way to raise a child. We all do things a bit diversely, and hope that we are successful in raising an amazing human being. However, other cultures raise their children much differently than we do, and there is something we can gain from that as well.

Raising Children

David F. Lancy

    Anthropologist David F. Lancy has a lifetime of experience of observing how other cultures parent their children. We can learn about these differences and maybe even incorporate some of these lessons in raising our own families. For example, in some cultures parents rarely play with their babies and never with their toddlers. While that must sound strange, if not odd to some of us, there is something to be gained from this. A toddler that doesn't have entertainment will find their own or make their own. Self sufficiency can be gained for the child from this search. Different doesn't mean less than, and there are some valuable lesson that can be learned from other parent's ways of child rearing.

    Reading this book has opened my eyes to how differently we raise our children. While some cultures ideas of parenting are shocking, it's also interesting too. Through reading David's book we can use his archive of anthropological information on childhood, to examine our children's lives. He will help us reflect on the anxiety that many of face as parents and help us to lessen this anxiety, as well as how to improve upon our children's chances in this vast world. Many of the ideas we have about raising our kids are very new and also very different from what other cultures have learned throughout the years.

Where to buy

    To get your copy of Raising Children Surprising Insights from Other Cultures, click HERE. (This would also make a great gift for new or soon to be parents.) For more about the author, click here.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.