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Que Pasa Products Will Spice Up Your Next BBQ, But They’re So Good, You Won’t Want to Share

    I recently found some tasty new chips and salsa that will make a great addition to your summer BBQ’s. However, they’re so good, that you may not want to share them at all. So make sure you buy extra!

Que Pasa Products

    Nacho and ranch tortilla chips seem to be a favorite among so many people. They’re huge in my home too. However, they’re not vegan friendly, until now. Que Pasa has new organic vegan chips that your family and friends are sure to love. They taste even better than Doritos, and my son actually prefers them over any other. 

Que Pasa Ranch

    Que Pasa’s new flavored tortilla chips include, Nacho chips, Sweet & Spicy Ranch, and Jalapeño & Lime. My son can’t get enough of the Ranch, as he’s currently on a “picy” food kick. He has major food aversions so the fact that he loves these is a huge testament to just how tasty they are! 

Don’t Forget the Salsa!

    You can’t have tortilla chips without some salsa! Que Pasa has that too. You can choose from their Mexicana Mild or Medium Salsa, and Chipotle Salsa. I happen to love the more mild salsa, whereas my sister is head over heels in love with their Chipotle Salsa. She loves the combination of the kick of the Jalapeño & Lime chips mixed with the spices of the Chipotle Salsa. 

Que Pasa Salsa

Gluten Free and Vegan

    If you’re on a restricted diet for health reasons, Que Pasa can help. They have many Low Sodium, Gluten Free, and Vegan snacks to choose from. Just because your diet is limited, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice taste. Which is why Que Pasa products are a great choice.

They even have recipes

    Maybe you’re looking for some new recipes to add some flair to your next cook out. If so, then check out Que Pasa’s recipe page. From Green Pea Guac to Easy Avocado Aioli, to Spinach Artichoke Dip, they have quite a few recipes to please your guests. 

Que Pasa Tortilla chips

Where to Buy

    To get your hands on any of the yummy products I mentioned or to see Que Pasa’s full line, head to their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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