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Girls Night IN! So Many Things To Do!


Quarto Kids has reminded me of so many slumber parties that I had when I was younger. Now I get to share all of this fun with my granddaughter. Girls Night In is a book about four girls that are so excited and getting ready for the best ever night IN! 

Sofia, Tommako, Tye and Jessie are very different with their styles and personalities. But regardless of all of their differences they are the best of friends and LOVE hanging out together. Some of their favorite hobbies are baking, braiding, crafting and writing.

Fashion Fun


In this section of the book they show you how to do Fashion Night and let's you find out what your Fashion Focus is. Questionnaire to let you know what type of clothes you have. Explains what “swishing” is – swapping clothes with your friends that you don't want any longer. This way keeps your wardrobe fresh and free. 

Time To Play


This section has so many different games. I remember making “The Oracle” when I was in high school. I just knew that what showed up was the truth. The square game is so addicting and I can play with all of my grandchildren. 

Getting Crafty


In this section the girls show you have to make friendship bracelets, beautiful photo frames so you can showcase your memories, pretty padded hangers, cozy cushions that you can give as gifts, cards and gift tags. So many things you can craft.

I love this book so much – each activity is well written and has easy to follow instructions. Great quality illustrations and is published on very thick sturdy paper. It is made to look through and read time after time. This is a book that is made to help your girls make memories that will last a lifetime.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.