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Ktchn Apothecary DIY Facial Moisturizing Kit

    Have you ever looked at all those DIY post for making skin care products and wanted to try it, but weren’t sure where to start? Ktchn Apothecary takes out all that guess-work with their DIY Facial Moisturizing Kit

Ktchn Apothecary FIRST at home DIY Facial Moisturizing Kit

     This all in one kit comes with everything you need to whip your very own, ALL NATURAL, moisturizing face cream. If you love to make things yourself, then this is definitely for you. It’s not even hard to do. Ktchn Apothecary includes everything you’ll need, from measured out ingredients, to the containers to make it and store it.

ktchen apothecary


    As I said, Ktchn Apothecary sends you all the ingredients that are already measured out. That takes all the guess-work out of making your face cream, so instead, you can just enjoy the process. Aloe is the first ingredient in their DIY facial Moisturizer. Did you know that Aloe contains over seventy-five vitamins, enzymes, and more. All of which are known to increase elastin and collagen to deeply hydrate and renew your skin.

    The Facial Oils that Ktchn Apothecary includes has seven different oils to brighten and naturally smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Oats is another ingredient you’ll add. They soothe irritation and redness in your skin. Last but not least, natural Beeswax. Beeswax is amazing! It will lock in the moisture of your skin for up to twelve hours. 

ktchen ingredients

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

    I make most of our bath and body items myself, so I was curious how easy this kit would be. It’s super easy! Even if you’ve never tried to make your own bath or body products before, I promise, this is simple. The first thing you’ll do is wipe out the beaker with the enclosed alcohol wipe. Then you’ll put some water in a pot and set the beaker into it. (You’re making a double boiler.) Add the Beeswax pellets and Facial oil. Let them melt, and whisk them together with the included whisk. Once they are melted and mixed together, add in the Aloe. Whisk it in well. Once they are all mixed together, remove from heat, and whisk in the oats. That’s it! Then just scoop it into the enclosed container. If you want a creamy moisturize, wait a few minutes, and give it another whisk.

ktchen moisturizer

Where to buy

    Both my mom and I have tried this facial moisturizer by Ktchn Apothecary, and we both think it’s fantastic. We think you will too! So to get yours, head to their website.  Facebook You can also find them on.


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