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Quarterlane The Perfect Gift For The Book Lover In The Family

“Quarterlane is a literary service which delivers a luxury box set filled with an assortment of quality books, art and seasonal gifts on a quarterly basis. In this overwhelming digital age, Quarterlane's literary collections highlight the romance of the printed page and are the perfect gift for yourself or others. Each box speaks to the soul of that season and reminds us, there is no substitution for a good book, good art and those treasured moments between a reader and a newly discovered story.”

Now you can have a new collection of books delivered in a luxurious book right to your door. While each collection is filled with items that are hand chosen by quarterlane founder and book expert, Elizabeth Lane. Because she works as a book buyer this makes her a very trusted advisor to put literary sophistication right to your door. You may receive a new release that you are dying to read. But then you may get a book that is lesser known that turns into one of your favorites. Check out the three I received in my box.



Handpicked: Simple, Sustainable, and Seasonal Flower Arrangements

Ingrid Carozzi lets us in on her secrets for creating flower arrangements. And I must say I need all the help I can get. I have never been able to arrange flowers to look like they are supposed to. And she has organized this book by seasons. While offering you step-by-step instruction ( how to measure, cut, and place each bloom ) for over 35 arrangements. And she encourages you to recycle, upcycle containers, crates, pots, jars anything that you may have lying around your house. Share some of your arrangements with us.

Classic Style: Hand It Down, Dress It Up, Wear It Out

Fashion expert and illustrator Kate Schelter curates a collection of more than 150 iconic, essential classics. Clothing, accessories, beauty products, objects, and travel items. While exemplifying great designs, simplicity and timeless style. And she will show you how to develop ( and celebrate ) your very own style. By following an easy mantra: buy less, buy better, reinvent what you already have. Be inspired to go through your closets and storage units, find joy in simplicity and usefulness. While rediscovering the one thing that is essential to your personal style – YOU!

Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water

Bungalows, trailers, cabins, and beach homes where surfers retreat after a day riding the waves. Peek inside the homes of longtime enthusiasts and dedicated newcomers that reflect not just a sport or passion, but a way of life. They have set up their spaces to embrace a casual ease and be the break between the waves. So, if you ever wanted to be a beach bum or a surfer. This is the book for you. Because this book will give you a peek into the lives of everyday surfers.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.