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Babytime Knows Summer Will Leave Your Kids Dirty And Smelly


“School’s out for summer break and kids love to spend the day outside playing and doing activities like running around, playing on a jungle gym or swimming. All that playing can leave kids dirty, smelly and desperately in need of a bath! Babytime! makes Peaceful Bubbles and Playful Wash that can make bath time a relaxing experience to help kids unwind and get clean after their day spent having fun. Peaceful Bubbles is an extra gentle, non-irritating and soothing bath treatment that contains natural oat and antioxidizing blueberry and the Playful Wash is a 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash that contains calming and conditioning calendula, which is a perfect way to relax a child before bedtime. “

Peaceful Bubbles

Because this is for your baby it is extra gentle, non-irritating and ultra soothing. While being packed with moisturizing extracts that will calm and soften your baby's skin. And the fruit extracts soothe and balance your skin's health and immunity. The foaming agents create bubbly fun while adding natural healing skin oils. Quick rinsing and non-irritating for your kid's eyes. Uses: all in one bubble bath & shampoo. Benefits: calming, softening, soothe and ph balancing. Smells like: calming lavender plum. I wouldn't care to use this myself. Because it smells so amazing.

Playful Wash

This is a gentle all over cleanse with this fresh and sudsy bath time favorite. While this 2-in-1 hair shampoo and body gel blends the natural cleansing properties of pure tangerine oil with the calming and conditioning calendula and aloe for extra sensitive skin. Quick rinsing and non-irritating for your kid's eyes. My granddaughter is very sensitive and can't use most washes. But she has had no problems while using this. She loves how it smells! Benefits: moisturizing, extra gentle and quick rinsing. Safety: organic wash chosen by hospital and NICU's. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.